Song Review: 2Z (TuZi) – Doctor

Idol rock band 2Z debuted earlier this year, and although I never wrote about their song My 1st Hero, I thought it was a fun 90’s throwback that stood out within the idol group landscape. Now, 2Z have returned with their first comeback, upping the intensity for the pounding Doctor. I’m not sure it’s the breakout the guys need, but it successfully pitches them as heirs to N.Flying’s rambunctious rock sound.

Doctor will grab your attention straightaway, as a blast of percussion opens the track. I like how this introduction is repeated as a post-chorus breakdown later on, adding a memorable calling card to the song’s otherwise straightforward appeal. Elsewhere, the late-90’s influences of My 1st Hero are replaced with a punkier, early-00’s approach. This allows for a more fiery performance from vocalist Hojin, who I felt was almost too restrained in Hero.

Like N.Flying, 2Z also feature rap as a primary element of their music. Though I rag on lousy idol hip-hop breakdowns all the time, I actually think the rhythmic switch-up adds a lot of interest to rock music. In Doctor’s case, the second verse helps to break up what otherwise might feel too predictable. It helps that this segment is immediately followed by Doctor’s standout pre-chorus, which brings a welcome sense of anthemic heft. Overall, I’m not sure that Doctor’s hooks are as indelible as anything in My 1st Hero, but the surging chorus definitely feels like a natural extension of the group’s core sound.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75

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3 thoughts on “Song Review: 2Z (TuZi) – Doctor

  1. 25 Years sounds much more inspired and engaging. The umpteenth 2020 b-side which works better than the title track (it seems another trend of the year).

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    • Funny thing. 25 is a cover song, or maybe one of the members made it. Anyways, now I know why it sounded way too familiar.


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