Song Review: Raiden x Chanyeol – Yours (ft. Lee Hi & Changmo)

May is quickly shaping up to be the month of superstar collaborations. Yours brings together EXO’s Chanyeol and DJ Raiden, and throws in Lee Hi and Changmo for good measure. This buffet of talent offers a little something for everyone, and each performer is used well – even if the song takes a minute to get going.

Honestly, Yours is a bit of a puzzle until its first chorus drops. The structure feels aimless, spotlighting Chanyeol and Lee Hi’s vocals over muted piano. The duo trade lines for just over a minute. And as enjoyable as their interplay is, Yours doesn’t seem to be building to anything meaningful. However, the track pulls the rug from under our feet by unveiling a gorgeous chorus. Like NCT Dream’s Ridin’ did so successfully two weeks ago, this hook thrives upon the layering of multiple melodic lines. Coupled with a soft synth beat and sprightly percussion, the chorus has impact.

This layered approach was a hallmark of Sweetune productions, and I’m happy to hear a trendier song tackle the same vibe. It results in a satisfying shimmer, where both the vocals and instrumental combine to develop a great sense of rhythm. This energy continues into the second verse, as Changmo comes in for a solid, soft rap. The melody here gains focus, riffing on the same refrains that make up the chorus. Ultimately, Yours’ mellow manner limits its ability to become truly transcendent, but it’s definitely a pleasant, aesthetically-pleasing surprise – well-suited to its quartet of big-name collaborators.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

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6 thoughts on “Song Review: Raiden x Chanyeol – Yours (ft. Lee Hi & Changmo)

  1. I like it! It is a very nice mellow song. I completely agree that I was completely uncertain until the chorus kicked in, ad it takes a full 1:10 to get there. And then it sets sail and doesn’t look back.
    It is very nice to hear Lee Hi again, with a melody that suits her voice. I think YG pushed her to soul (she is not) or sad mellow (gets old), so this is a great showcase.
    I have to admit I hadn’t bothered with Raiden releases in the past, just as I don’t usually bother with SM Station releases. But now that we are in a quality lull, I may check the others out. Pull myself away from kpopera.

    Rating 8 is about right.


  2. This is a good song and a great use of everyone involved unlike some songs we had this month (IU ft. Suga, Bol4 ft. Baekhyun and maybe Jongup ft. Yunhway). It took a whole minute to take off but once it did everything was really pleasant.
    I didn’t expect to say that but halfway through the month it’s probably the best title track.


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