Song Review: DKB – Still

Rookie group DKB fit right within 2020 expectations by debuting with a noisy hip-hop track. But as forgettable as I found it to be, Sorry Mama did manage to incorporate a killer female vocal ad-lib that gave it a tiny bit of character. Unfortunately, that sliver of identity has been quashed by follow-up Still (오늘도 여전히) — as in, we’re still doing this awful trap stuff.

I’m actually surprised that this is a Brave Brothers production. I hear some of this hallmarks buried in the instrumental, but when I imagine a Brave Sound production my mind immediately goes to the hooks. His work is so often characterized by its instantly compelling melodies. Sure, many of them are just cut and pasted from his past tracks, but they’re enjoyable nonetheless. Still is just musical mush, inflicted with an unforgivable amount of autotune.

As with so many other trap “bops,” Still trudges forward without any sense of energy or purpose. It’s a slog to get through. Even DKB sound apathetic, and I don’t blame them. When your chorus amounts to little more than a pitched vocal warbling incomprehensibly in the background, it’s hard to get inspired. There’s potential in the instrumental’s central guitar loop, but it’s quickly met by lurching trap beats that render it impotent. DKB’s vocals are slathered by so many effects that they get lost in their own song. It’s an actively unpleasant experience, like a drug haze that never lifts. By the time the second verse gets going with its “skrrts” and “swish swishes,” I’ve long since checked out.

 Hooks 5
 Production 6
 Longevity 5
 Bias 5
 RATING 5.25

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22 thoughts on “Song Review: DKB – Still

  1. ‘Sorry Mama’ ended up having far more staying power than I expected. The chanted refrain can be downright hypnotic… when I’m in the mood for it.

    ‘Still’ is pretty lousy, but I was pleasantly surprised by the rest of the mini. It’s a lot more fun than the recent TXT release, which I never thought I’d be saying!

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      • Today, I really feel like we entered a parallel universe.

        This is the top comment in youtube:
        “Some people said that this song doesn’t grab them but I have to disagree. This song is so perfect. This song is so fresh and not really liked anything I’ve heard. As rookies I think it’s a great idea that they are experimenting with their sound.”

        Brave Brothers haven’t done anything good since they re-released Brave Girls “Rolling”, twice. I liked that song, both times. This one, notsomuch.

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        • We both know those kinds of comments are there for the likes. It’s all abt the likes. Post a meme comment. It gets likes. Post a praising comment. It gets likes. Youtube comment sections are so boring. No constructive criticism, no variety of opinions, no discussion. Just fanning, praising and lols and lmaos.

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  2. Wow, really wow, what kind of review is this?!?! As a longitme reader of your blog I’m deeply disappointed. I’ve been reading your reviews since 2026 and I’m just so frustrated that you can’t see that Dashing Kanadian Boxers only put out bops. Like this song is so good, and did you know they came from a small agency? Their career has been so hard and everyone is giving them online hate. I’m sorry Nick but this is honestly soty material. Even before I even listened to the song I even knew it was even soty material. You know what else is soty material, all of Blackpinks and Twices songs, their songs still weeks way but I know my queens will revolutionize the music industry. Your faves could never. DKB are revolutionary and did you hear about their deep lyrics. They talk about really sad moments in everyones life and it gets so deep. The part that made me cry was when they talked about when you feel like you’re going to sneeze but nothing happens. Ugh they are just so revolutionary DKB world domination! EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN EVEN STREAM GUYS WE HAVE TO GET TO 10K BEFORE BTS EVEN IF YOU DONT LIKE THE SONG PLEASE STREAM IF U TRU FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      • UGH stop it, this is the song of the year and you know it. I’m going to call my friends and we’re going to trend a hashtag against this site. So pretentious! That’s the tea! Sorry not sorry!
        # Thank you Next

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    • Sargun, your comment is absolutely comment of the year! Like if you support lazy producing, BE TRUE FAN (Cough Cough..teenager with tooooo much free time..)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (Also you name sounds Indian, if you are, good to know I am not the Indian descent K-Pop fan on the blog….)

      On the song….. I forgot about how it sounded already……

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    • “The part that made me cry was when they talked about when you feel like you’re going to sneeze but nothing happens.”

      I have such the urge to actually copy this comment onto youtube (under my own other fake account, not yours), but a tiny voice in my head says no. And so it shall remain here as our own special comment.

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    • nobody tell them that dkb stands for dark brown eyes. dont burst their bubble. also are u from the future.. 2026 is in 6 years lolol


  3. Hmm. It actually sounds like pretty convincing playlist filler material for me, but then I’m probably favorably biased just because I’m hearing some guitar. The excessive use of vocal effects on the individual voices does get grating pretty soon though, and the swishy rap that opens the second verse is neither here nor there.

    I’d have given this a 7 for uninspired, but I don’t think it’s so bad as to get the infamous company of the 5s.

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    • Gonna agree here. Make no mistake, I’m not exactly the biggest fan of this song, but I wouldn’t put it below maybe a 6.5. For every aggressively trappy second verse there’s a pretty solid bit of instrumental somewhere else. Gets old incredibly quickly, but I’ve heard much, much worse.

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  4. its not bad, its very listenable, i like it but what i don’t like is the autotune! it could have been an awesome piece!


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