Song Review: Nature – Girls

When it comes to sound and style, Nature have been on a roller coaster. As an under-the-radar rookie, they’re making a lot of the right moves, even if it doesn’t always result in the right songs. What I mean by this is that they’re taking chances. Whatever you might think of them, title tracks like Allegro Cantabile and Oopsie (My Bad) have a personality and energy all their own. New single Girls (어린애) brings the group down another new road – this time more sleek and sophisticated.

Up until the first chorus, I was convinced that Girls was going to be the second-gen style girl group track I’ve been craving. Nature sing in a straight, unaffected manner and the instrumental has continuity and a sense of satisfying build. And really, taking everything into account, Girls isn’t half bad. But, it makes several bad choices.

The first of these involves the chorus – or rather, the lack thereof. Girls goes completely inert when it’s time for its hook to hit. The group offers some halfhearted coos, but this all-important segment is given over completely to a wispy instrumental loop. It’s hard to meaningfully critique an instrumental loop. I mean, it feels like they just snatched it from a sample pack and said “that’ll do.” I can’t overstate the importance of a good chorus, and I’m continually disappointed to see it sacrificed in this generation of K-pop.

Girls’ second dubious choice occurs exactly where K-pop fans would expect it to: the second verse. Yep, we get the awful, half-time trap-rap breakdown. I think about 90% of 2020’s title tracks have matched this same structure. It’s no longer a surprise. It’s a hindrance. And, Girls’ third mistake actually happens in tandem with this approach, involving some “hot like chili, chili” lyrical nonsense that’s better to simply forget. But hey… how about that opening verse?! Just make that into an entire song next time, Nature.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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15 thoughts on “Song Review: Nature – Girls

  1. So, interesting. A shift in their sound. We have come very far from Oopsie My Bad. (A guilty pleasure for me)
    Last year, I enjoyed the irony of playing CLC “No” back to back with Nature “I’m So Pretty”, but I grew weary of “No”. So yes I stuck with I’m So Pretty as a peppy summer track and enjoyed bopping along to the latin jazz piano instrumental which no one else has copied yet. =they should!=
    My gut feeling is that this song would have been better placed with a more charismatic solo singer. These girls have pleasing voices but they are basic kpop light lyric sopranos and not very distinct. For lyrics which have meaning, they aren’t imbuing their vocal performance with enough emotion to convey that meaning.
    “Hot like chili chili” also stuck out way more than it should.


  2. When I was listening to this in the background a couple of hours ago, “hot like chili, chili” literally jumped into my ears and it was the only thing I could recall.

    With that being said, I appreciate Nature’s efforts to tackle different musical directions till they find their own soft spot


  3. Again , I don’t care about this song but you know what I do care……. SEVENTEEN Released their titles preview and I can kinda here some funk into it but its not the funk I expected


      • I also said the same thing in N.flying’s review. I sometimes don’t care about the song . that doesn’t mean I hate women? just because I gave my opinion? Stop being so butthurt just cuz I don’t like the song of the group you stan. The fact this got 2 likes also pretty much shocks me ,GG stans can say anything and get away with it (except xenoterran , that guy was awesome and made me get into some of my favorite girl groups). and please stop assuming everything in favor of you.


        • Yes but you are harbouring attention where we are vibing to these women’s song. It’s like you never really bothered to come here and contribute to the discussion but virtue-signal and throw us under the bus, which does not paint you in a good light whatsoever.

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          • That’s the most dumbest logic I ever heard , I never threw anyone under the bus , This is a discussion , And I have the right to say whatever , I just don’t care about Nature , and Of course I never bothered to come here and Contribute the discussion all you are talking about.

            And If you want I’ll give you a taste of your own logic , Imagine your a commenter and you could talk about any song here , One of your favorite groups are coming back with the style you expected them too but There is a review of a Boy group song , And if you comment about a woman , YOU HATE MEN!

            See? dumb isn’t it


  4. Nature is becoming the girl group that occupies a niche that I missed in the last years in kpop, the not-so-famous girl group, like Fiestar or Stellar.

    I really enjoy them and I like this single a lot, more because of the horror and dark concept. Really wish they can keep up with this style and please no “Hot like chili chili” next.


  5. I really wish you wouldn’t let a downpoint overshadow the positives in your review. You almost seemingly forget to include the bridge – the most important part of the song- in all your reviews. The bridge on this song was great and different, I loved the chanting and it helped build the final chorus. Not exactly the most complex but it suited the style of the song and was different than most songs released this year. You also seemed to neglect the bridge of LOONA’s So What which was arguably the best bridge of the year. I feel like you judge these songs to be in the standards of 2nd gen kpop and yeah a lot of these songs may not be as good but they’re better in some of their own unique ways.

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  6. I think it’s really worth mentioning that the lyric is actually “hot like chilly chilly” not “hot like chili chili”. Like so hot it’s cold. If it was chili that would be stupid, and I’m not saying “hot like chilly” isn’t but it’s not AS pointless as “hot like chili”

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  7. well, i actually love “Girls” and feel it should be doing better than it is on Youtube and on other musical streams, but many kpop fans are so damn fickle, that they wouldn’t know a great song (and group) if one literally fell in their damn lap…..while I agree that some of the “rap breakdowns” in kpop songs have gotten a bit “lazy,” this concept and vocal caress by Nature in this song more than makes up for it….and yes, i also agree that the opening verse in this song is the strongest….delivered by Sabom’s sexy azz, i would expect nothing less….


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