Song Review: Great Guys – Run

Despite their upbeat, self-praising name, Great Guys’ music has been inconsistent in both style and quality. However, I appreciate their willingness to try new things, and I’ve got to give them an “A” for effort with new single Run (내 심장은 널 향해 뛰어). Rather than opt for sounds that every one else is peddling, the track tackles psychedelic trance and even incorporates a whinnying horse effect. I think that may be a first for K-pop, which is really saying something!

Run is just a few brushstrokes away from being great. When it sticks to its bold ambition, the song flourishes. Its opening verse has an energy and drive that’s hard to find in boy group tracks nowadays. This segues into a psy-trance chorus that becomes more addictive with each listen. The sudden rhythmic change is disorienting the first time through, but in an exciting way. The structure of the melody helps smooth out this transition, and I love how the chorus opts for a more developed construction over a simple beat drop or repeated phrase. There’s a satisfying sense of tension as the melody rises, backed by icy strings and stabbing electronics. This dramatic arrangement reappears later in the track, with added guitar for even greater wallop.

So, what stops Run from being incredible? Like so many tracks, the issue occurs during its second verse. Rather than maintain its experimental verve, the song stumbles into the ever-dreaded half-time rap break. In this case, it’s more EDM than trap, but it still upends Run’s momentum in a messy, frustrating way. Of all current K-pop trends, this is the one I’d most like to see disappear. I feel like producers are forcing themselves to include this segment whether it fits or not (and honestly, it rarely fits). Run’s breakdown is especially obnoxious, and keeps me from rating this higher. However, the song’s better instincts still manage to make it an early-summer highlight.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

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8 thoughts on “Song Review: Great Guys – Run

  1. There is also a whinnying horse in Sunny Hill “Nom Nom Nom” from last autumn. (Speaking of which, Xeno – where are you? Are you OK?)

    Great Guys! Dang! I remember that one because the promo picture reminds me of the Partridge Family. What was the other one … “Be On You”, ah yes what did the English lyricists mean by that, surely not that. I don’t remember a thing about their music. And here is another problem: this did not come up anywhere on my youtube feed this morning despite being subscribed to all the usual kpop video feed channels.

    In any case, yes, B+ for effort here, with a dang ding for that horrible 2nd verse. There are a couple of interesting musical tidbits in here. The prechorus rhythm change leading into another variation in the chorus, really interesting.


    • How is your memory so strong? I am always trying to remember where have I heard this before and then u effortlessly sweep in with all the swag.


      • Thank you, yes, I must have serious skillz, but really it is a highly selective memory. After all, I am the one who freely admits that I cannot tell the difference between Everglow and … … the other one … …. IZ’One (yes I had to look it up). Also, I can’t be bothered to tell the difference among all the GFriend songs other than I can 100% positively identify it as a GFriend song, and maybe get the title right where it is totally obvious (eg Fingertip).

        I also played the Sunny Hill song more than I will admit to last year.

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  2. Tsk tsk! As far as I’m aware, NCT 127’s Simon Says did it first (that song made a number of wacky choices, so which you remember really depends on the person, haha). Might just start up a playlist of horse whinny songs and see what comes of it.

    I do really enjoy this one even though, like you mentioned, there are defined highs and lows. I just hope Great Guys keep on kicking. I love that name to the ends of the earth.


    • .

      Actually I hadn’t heard the horse whinny in Simon Says before I replayed it just now per your prompt. I must have been too busy and distracted thinking up alternate lyrics for the chorus.

      Simon says they did the first horse whinny! tinny, winny! WINNY!


    • ……………. Simon Says is one of my absolute favourite Kpop tracks. I’ve listened to it dozens of times, easily, and never ONCE did I identify that as a horse whinny. This blew my mind!

      Even still, it kind of sounds like it could just be an odd, squiggly synth (synthesized horse – a CONCEPT).


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