Song Review: Jeong Sewoon – Say Yes

Thus far, Jeong Sewoon’s title tracks have been split pretty evenly between ballads and dance songs. It should come as no surprise that I prefer the latter, even if I’m not always sure that Sewoon is a fitting conduit for the style. After many months since his last comeback, he’s unveiling his first full album in two parts. Say Yes will be used to promote the first half, and it’s a suitably buoyant summer track.

With Say Yes, it feels like Sewoon is following in fellow Produce-alum Ha Sungwoon’s funky footsteps. The track pairs nicely with last month’s Get Ready, though Yes incorporates more modern EDM touches. I appreciate its exuberant energy, especially during the chorus. The verses are largely set-up, keeping the tempo but opting for a more languid vocal delivery. The rhythm guitar during these segments is very welcome, and lends the track a nice spontaneity.

However, Say Yes is all about its chorus. Melodically, there’s not much meat on its bones, but the chugging electronic percussion really helps to bring the refrain to life. From the second chorus on, the track adds splashes of bright synth, which elevate the simplistic hook to new levels and gives Yes a nice sense of build. This is what fun, frothy summertime K-pop is all about, and I’m excited to hear more of it this year. Sewoon has proven himself to be a more versatile performer than many might have thought, and you can hear his confidence across Say Yes’s straightforward – but effective — groove.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

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One thought on “Song Review: Jeong Sewoon – Say Yes

  1. It’s alright. It is missing his nice falsetto. His mid range here is just an average voice. Well what should be called average compared to the rest of the pop world, but in kpop they call it “wow, omg, so stable, I’m crying” or something. But his falsetto from “When it rains” and “Love in Fall” from last autumn is very nice with a pleasing timbre, and puts him closer to Infinite Kim Sung Kyu territory.

    Between this and the autumn 2019 examples, this is also exactly the kind of voice that is missing from I-land trainees: a good mid range belter with support and a nice falsetto to top it off.

    mho overrated by a full point, but hey its your blog.

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