Song Review: The Man BLK – Time Turner

This is a little off-topic, but on more than one occasion I’ve misread Time Turner’s title as “Tina Turner.” Now, that’s a K-pop concept I would like to see!

In all seriousness, Time Turner (시간을 넘어서) is probably an apt title, because it feels like a miracle in the time-space continuum that The Man BLK have returned to release new music. The group debuted all the way back in November of 2018 and has barely been heard from since. Despite the occasional OST, they haven’t been given a comeback in almost two years. This isn’t some hugely popular group who can rest on their laurels, either. The Man BLK need to build a fan base, as all rookies do. That’s an impossible feat if you’re not releasing music.

I don’t think Time Turner will do much to bolster their chances, but it’s a pleasant pop song. I say “pleasant” in the sense that it gently wafts in one ear and out the other without leaving much of an impression In the moment, the light, polished vocals and dreamlike instrumental combine to offer a soothing, amiable vibe. This group clearly has big-time potential, which makes their endless hiatus that much more frustrating.

Unfortunately, Time Turner doesn’t muster up a real chorus. Its verses are strong, pulsing along a nice blend of guitar and synth that forges a sense of build. One killer hook would have marked Turner as a standout, but its refrain is almost non-existent, composed of a few errant lines of melody that are barely melodic at all. Add an unwelcome bit of trap percussion and you’ve got a real buzzkill. It’s a shame, because moments in this song are really quite nice.

 Hooks 6
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

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2 thoughts on “Song Review: The Man BLK – Time Turner

  1. Largely unimpressive song. seems like something that i would listen in a radio as in-between songs. The warm vibes is nice…..i guess?

    The black man – Timmy turner aren’t quite the one song that’s gonna make people remember them


  2. This didn’t even appear on my youtube feed, which is saying something about their visibility.

    Yes, it is a pleasantly pleasant. I don’t think the song writing itself per se is mediocre. It isn’t that different in ambition from larger groups mid-tempo releases.

    I think in other hands, in a group with more assured singers of unique timbres, this could be a minor hit. But this group, these singers are very generic. The vocal processing also smooths out any uniqueness they may have had. The instrumental production also does just enough, no more, no less, to deliver the song when it could have been punched up a bit.


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