Song Review: Deep Squad – Get With You

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of Exile Tribe groups’ love for early-90’s pop throwbacks. Get With You is the debut single of new unit Deep Squad, which adds three members to veteran vocal act Deep for a fresh combination that injects a little more youth into their sound. This results in a satisfying blend of styles, hinging on 2020-era polish as much as classic nostalgia.

Most of Get With You sounds like something you’d hear an r&b boy group perform in the early 90’s. Its beat has a New Jack Swing groove, though it doesn’t hinge entirely on that genre. Instead, laid-back funk is the main driver here. The sunny, synth-sprinkled instrumental certainly contributes to this vibe, but the guys’ vocal performance is equally important. The melody has an appealing glide to it, riding the beat while offering a robust dose of pop melody. As expected of a group within the Exile family, Deep Squad’s vocals are confident throughout, adding just enough personality to make Get With You feel unique.

I love the song’s chorus, which moves from rhythmic to soaring in the space of seconds. The guys’ performance echoes this structure, placing emphasis in all the right places for a refrain that tugs at the melody to rousing effect. The verses are fun, too, especially when the main lines are echoed by a playful chant. These moments give Get With You a sense of youthful spontaneity that will hopefully become a trademark of Deep Squad’s music going forward. This is just pure, unpretentious pop music at its most good-natured and head-bobbing. In other words, it’s perfect for the summer.

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

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One thought on “Song Review: Deep Squad – Get With You

  1. .
    Hah, this beat is so YOU, Nick.
    That little chord modulation in the chorus at the end of the fourth lines is great and refreshing, then it repeats on the 7th line which leads it to a short bridge to a short repeat of the chorus. Nice. The rest is a straight forward well done pop song. Actual singing is happening. Dancing, notsomuch. No dancing actually.
    The video, the old school classic lets just get a bucket of paints theme. Still works! Cheap and effective too!


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