Song Review: Soyou – Gotta Go

Though her voice was a vital part of Sistar’s appeal, I’ve always felt that Soyou was underrated as a performer. It doesn’t help that most of her solo work has been relatively subdued, coasting more on mood than dynamic songwriting. New single Gotta Go (가라고) makes a drastic genre shift, challenging her with attitude-driven, percussive tropical pop. Trend-wise, she’s a few years too late, but it’s nice to hear some personality in a Soyou solo track.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard Gotta Go’s charms countless times before, and the song holds few surprises. The verses pulse on a marimba-assisted rhythm that offers plenty of sass but little in the way of memorable melody. However, the energy is good, and I like the chanted background vocals. As summer club tracks go, this falls right in the middle of the pack. It’s inoffensive, but doesn’t exactly galvanize attention either.

Gotta Go’s chorus is divided into two segments, the first of which delivers a forgettable refrain that sees Soyou channeling her best Chungha. The second is where all the fun lies, as she moves into a catchy repetition of the song’s title. “Oops, oh nana!” may be an irritating hook, but at least it has some bite. This excitement continues into the brash bridge, where Soyou is joined by a crowd of fellow partiers for a chorused chant that brings a welcome surge of energy. This helps steer the rest of Gotta Go in the right direction, as various instrumental flourishes are brought in for a more freewheeling segment. It all sounds like a good time, even if most of its hooks aren’t really sharp enough to stick.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

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6 thoughts on “Song Review: Soyou – Gotta Go

  1. It’s definitely different for her titles and fun in a way I like but I can get why it isn’t for everyone. Even more amusingly is this being the 3rd ‘Gotta Go’ in 2 years – with Sunmi’s from february – and while all different songs I think they all would be in conversation with each other.


  2. This sounds like every girl solo release ever these days, with a touch more sass than most. Yay, lets all put our hands up! Again!
    The only thing surprising is how short her short shorts are cut. How did they pass the Korean censors?


    • Unlike Boom Boom, song titled Gotta Go have been consistently meh. The highest rating a song called Gotta Go got on this site is a 7.75. The lowest is a 5.5. So next time I see that title I’ll be dreading the release no matter the artist.


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