Buried Treasure: TXT – Everlasting Shine

Most of the time, a k-pop group’s title track is the best song on their album. But, sometimes b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of K-pop, I want to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

Leave it to anime to help inspire a great 2020 TXT song. The group has recently released a Japanese-language version of their should-have-been-title-track Drama for the J-pop market, and I’m glad to see it finally getting promoted somewhere. As part of the single, TXT have also delivered their first original Japanese track Everlasting Shine, which acts as the theme of anime series Black Clover.

The relationship between anime and J-pop has been long and fruitful, often spawning songs that are big and exciting and rarely beholden to trends. Despite enlisting Japanese composers, Everlasting Shine feels very much like a TXT track. But, it has a graceful melodic heft that’s been missing from much of their 2020 Korean work. Anime themes call for dramatic, sweeping melodies, and Everlasting Shine opens with its gorgeous chorus. Underpinned by strumming guitar, the refrain is instantly galvanizing and memorable. The vocal production still conforms to Big Hit’s mushy, processed style, which is confusing given the switch in producers. But, the track’s bones are strong.

This strength continues into Shine’s verse, which chugs along nicely without needless diversions. True to their K-pop roots, the track collapses a bit as rap brings the tempo down during verse two. It’s not an unforgivable detour, but it does blunt the song’s momentum. Everlasting Shine is better when it embraces the inherent euphoria of its build. That chorus is really quite majestic, and effectively draws upon TXT’s wistful strengths.

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9


10 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: TXT – Everlasting Shine

  1. Even in the BTS teaser for a retro track there’s so much vocal processing. I guess this super processed vocal delivery has become Big Hit’s trademark. Sometimes it works but for Big Hit releases it hasn’t been the case most of the time. In a way I have to commend them for commiting to it and trying to make it their thing, even if it’s not really that good.

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    • Its like an addiction someone at BigHit has to hit that tinny wash button in the studio. And its a shame, because in this one, the underlying vocals without the high whiny processing whine are actually pretty good. They have a confident delivery, so why is someone at BH deliberately screwing that up?

      On a related note, a certain song release later this week is at midnight my local time, and I will not be staying up for it. It will be 9pm Nick’s time, so he can. I will be about comment number 40 or 60 or something the following morning. Heck, I don’t think I would stay up for a Super Junior release at midnight either.


  2. It doesn’t live up to my favorite kpop anime crossover of all time (Take Off by 2PM, from ending of Ao No Exorcist) but this is pretty damn good, a nice reprieve from whatever crap TXT is releasing as singles these days


  3. I swerved this all day after being woefully underwhelmed by TXT earlier this year.

    And… it’s excellent! Easily in my top 5 from them. Agreed that whoever’s in charge of vocal processing deserves a swift reprimand, but what a gorgeous melody. Reminds me a bit of Seventeen’s Fallin’ Flower, which I was also fond of. But this one’s better!


  4. Ahh yes, this is great. I have found a lot what I miss in kpop this year in anime openings. Agree with the comments above about that vocal processing though. It’s a little too much.


  5. I personally like more hard-hitting, rock-inspired anime openings like LiSA’s Gurenge or anything from SPYAIR but this is definitely the best we’ve heard from TXT in years. I haven’t seen Black Clover but I’m surprised they chose a very light song as their theme. I thought, because it’s seems like a dark fantasy anime, a more darker song. Maybe TXT should consider doing more anime openings, they’re airy vocals do suit the style.


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