Song Review: GHOST9 – Think Of Dawn

After a 2019 that was flush with diverse boy group debuts, most of this year’s new acts have emerged with a similar sound. The recipe seems clear: a pinch of Monsta X’s lumbering EDM/hip-hop, a sprinkling of trap beats, and an overall concept that favors dark sets and mysterious, multi-album storylines. When GHOST9’s debut was first announced, I expected something different. Their group name screams spooky-fun Halloween concept, and their teaser photos hinted at a retro sound. Alas, Think Of Dawn is largely interchangeable with many of the year’s boy group tracks.

Thankfully, Think Of Dawn is an above-average example of this style. For me, its biggest stumbling block is its noisy instrumental. I can appreciate the effort that went into crafting this production, but the whole thing kind of flatlines at the same level. It’s fueled by an aggressive synth lurch that frames the entire track. I think it would have been more effective to use this element sparingly, imbuing the track with highs and lows. Instead, Think Of Dawn feels like a constant, clamoring stream of overbearing production, making it hard to focus on the guys’ vocals. Its one highlight is a fun synth-and-dubstep breakdown that clears the air to offer a needed departure.

Production aside, Think Of Dawn has a strong chorus. I enjoy its militant energy, anchored by a melody that feels powerful but fleshed out. Even after one listen, this hook stuck in my head. That’s important when talking about a track that borrows so heavily from overused tropes, and likely bodes well for its longevity. Still, I can’t help but imagine how awesome this could have been with a more dynamic and unique instrumental.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


9 thoughts on “Song Review: GHOST9 – Think Of Dawn

  1. Was going to say this. Their songs so far all seem to be very strong in the chorus department but suffer from sorry mixing…one of the more unique debuts I’ve heard however and I think it’ll hold up over time. If you need a more dynamic listen I recommend “It’s Gonna Be Hot” – take away the trap break and you have a perfect 2012-esque nugu b-side.


  2. Imagine if they took more of a funky root with this song! Awesome Single!
    Dubstep element! Awesome Single!
    or just took a more SM Sci fi style thing!

    Now this had so much potential

    but alas , that noisy production just ruins the song

    total disappointment


  3. I’ve – sadly – gotten all too used to tracks having at least one disappointing element. Most often, if the instrumental’s inventive and interesting, I expect the songwriting team to have taken the day off. Here, it’s the opposite, as you laid out in your review.

    In this landscape, I find myself looking for individual standout moments, which can often be enough to get me hooked on the rest of the track. Here, it’s the chord progression in the chorus – I perked up the moment it suddenly took a major-key turn. I love little surprises like that!

    That moment planted a seed of appreciation – we’ll see if it grows into anything more.

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  4. Yes, its that moment (or two) of major chord progression that perks the whole thing up a notch from “basic boy band 2020”. It sounds like something an SM-stable of writers would have thrown in, Red Velvet “Ice Cream Cake” style. But alas, for me that was just about the only thing to lift up a notch from “basic boy band”.

    I am also adding another to the list of misheard lyrics: the words “Think of Dawn” sounds to me like “Dig of Dug”.


  5. Mmm I’m staying mixed with this one. It’s not overly bad, but it’s not good either. I have issues with the mixing and the arrangement, it feels so off to me. The verse and chorus also do not feel connected to me, it is as if they were from two different songs. Honestly I don’t like that.

    The song feels more of a hit and miss, maybe a bit balanced to both sides. Even though it feels kind of disjointed, I actually enjoyed the chorus a lot. Oh and that breakdance as well, it’s one of the song’s strongest part for me.

    Would rate it a solid 8, as I’m being generous here. Honestly, the song feel like it had a lot of potential, yet was executed poorly.


  6. Really liking this EP. Teen Teen’s lead single was great so I’m glad this was another quality release. I think they have a lot of potential if they lighten up a little for their next title track.

    I love the chorus but I actually don’t like the dance break instrumental that much, maybe because it feels too long and disconnected from the rest of the song.


    • This song has already grown on me a lot, and I think the mini is pretty strong, too. It holds together in a way that gives GHOST9’s burgeoning sound some continuity.


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