Song Review: WOODZ (Cho Seung-youn) – Bump Bump

Cho Seung-youn has quickly become one of K-pop’s biggest post-X1 successes. Earlier this year, he released his first mini album under the stage name Woodz, and showed great promise as an idol act with an unusual level of creative control. Though most of the songs on Equal drew from genres I don’t usually love, Woodz brought enough idiosyncratic panache to make them stand out. When it comes to pop music, I appreciate a unique perspective.

New single Bump Bump brings a rock edge to Woodz’s eclectic sound, and it suits him well. His delivery reminds me of G-Dragon, which is just about the best compliment I could give any performer. His impassioned vocal embraces a similarly impish tone, dripping with texture and charisma. Before we go too crazy, I’ll make it clear that Bump Bump is no Crooked. But… what is? Instead, the song is an upbeat, punky pop/hip-hop track that makes good use of Woodz’s diverse skill set.

Bump Bump’s greatest strength is its structural diversity. The verses are divided equally between melody and rap, but neither feels out of place. And while the chorus itself is relatively simple, it gains momentum through a variety of different arrangements. The best of these is a key change finale that puts an exciting, anthemic cap on the entire track. Through it all, Woodz imbues every moment with great texture and personality. His vocal changes to match each segment, and this keeps Bump Bump from ever feeling stale. At this rate, I’m pretty confident that he can tackle any genre.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

10 thoughts on “Song Review: WOODZ (Cho Seung-youn) – Bump Bump

  1. This song is like the car in the video doing donuts. That car isn’t really doing donuts, it is actually very carefully driving in proscribed circles. So too with this song. It’s trying to be hey wow crazy fun out there (Bump! Bump!) but has no actual crazy fun going on.

    Actually, the song is fine. It’s just highly crafted, too much for my taste. I do appreciate that in the showcase and music show performance he didn’t always play along with the lip syncing, pulling the mic away at times to just do the dance and wink and smile. The mic isn’t very live anyway, so hey, yeah, why bother.

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  2. You do know he has been releasing solo music since 2016, right? He had a mini album under the name Luizy, and then several more digital releases under Luizy and under Woodz. And he is still a part of UNIQ who debuted in 2014. Seungyoun has had a hand in writing not only his own music but also in writing and producing for others in both Korean and Chinese industry. He has always played with many different sounds – “Recipe” is as far away from “Blue” as “Blue” is from “Different”.


  3. The song is very nice, very cute. Fursuit threw me off a little, interesting styling choice right there, but I’m not going to judge.


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