Song Review: GOT7 – Last Piece

A week after unveiling pre-release song Breath, GOT7 have made their official comeback with Last Piece, the title track to their fourth full-length album. Breath didn’t exactly fill me with anticipation, but the teasers for Last Piece hinted at a grittier instrumental that felt fresh and exciting. The entire song doesn’t quite live up to that moment, but it’s still one of the stronger efforts the group have delivered in recent years.

Co-written by leader JB, Last Piece takes familiar sounds from GOT7’s arsenal and infuses them with some new ideas. The song is at its best when it gets more adventurous, buoyed by an awesome post-chorus breakdown that bucks expectations by bringing in distorted guitar. I’m not sure the actual chorus is as strong. It falls into the same shout-singing trap that GOT7 tracks often do. But as much as I would have preferred a more richly-arranged vocal, I think I’ll eventually come around to the melody.

Last Piece’s verses have a great groove to them, reminiscent of last year’s standout You Calling My Name. I appreciate their straightforward nature — how they resist the urge to play around with tempo too much. This continuity is vital to forging a satisfying rhythm. That way, when the beat does change during that post-chorus breakdown, it really pops. This sense of cohesion extends to the verses, which retain a predictable structure even as blasts of rap give them more spontaneity. It’s a delicate balance that works in Last Piece’s favor and balks many of the criticisms I’ve had of their music in the past.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

37 thoughts on “Song Review: GOT7 – Last Piece

  1. I loved that post-chorus breakdown, it lowkey (big emphasis on lowkey) reminded me of TVXQ’s earlier releases. I’m still debating if I liked this or not. The album is kinda weak in my opinion.

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  2. This song sounds like my Thanksgiving meal: a little bit of everything. Something for everyone. But only so much of each flavor, because it all has to fit on one plate.

    It is better than their recent “Breathe” but not mid 8’s for me. Somewhere in the 7’s but I don’t know if I would place it high or low. Maybe high 7’s because I have listened to it through several times already, but not higher because I am not buying it.


          • yeah…. this makes no sense.

            Imagine if all business companies were to think like that , All of these people are indiviuals buying your albums and If one person says ” I am not buying this album” and the company goes all like “haha lol one person doesn’t make any difference”

            and then they continue to get bad feedback and they go all like ” One mf doesn’t make a difference”

            One Mf does make a difference , because we all are ONE person idiot.


      • If we leave the commerce and the nature of business aside, I use “do I go buy it” as a big proxy for how well do I like a song. It is actually a big step in liking a song. Now, I listen to a lot of kpop, almost every release, and there are big and small steps to liking or loving a song. One of the biggest is do I go buy the song, because if I don’t buy it then I don’t usually listen to that song ever again except perhaps in the 15 second samples on the various kpop ranking compilation videos. Sure, perhaps one download doesn’t mean so much in the grander scheme of commerce, but for me, if I don’t own it, it doesn’t exist anymore in my consciousness.

        So, that said, there are many proxies one could use to answer the question “Do I Like a song?”, some of the them conscious and some of them subconscious. Here is a short list in increasing degrees of liking a song:

        Do I listen to it in the first place? How long does it take when I see it in my feed before I click oh yes must go listen to this one? If it is listed on kpopmap release schedule for the day, how long before I type it in to go listen to it? A few minutes, an hour, a day or three, never?

        With the first listen, am I listening to it or am I already formulating a few sentences in my head? If I am really listening to it, that is a step forward for liking it. If I am already thinking about what to write, usually it means I don’t like it much at all.

        How many times do I click the refresh button on youtube? (Youtube being my current preferred platform.) There are times when I think I don’t like a song but then I have clicked that replay button a dozen or more times, so I must like it to some extent. A few dozen times, that’s almost an hour of my time.

        Have I clicked the replay button so many times that the bots at youtube start to populate my feed with all sorts of directly related content?

        Do I go buy it? Navigate through itunes, find it, type in the complex password, and plunk my $1.29 on it.

        Does it get it on a playlist, synced to the ipods, or does it just sit in my itunes library?

        How often do I actually play it versus skipping it?

        Does the song get copied further onto other playlists on my ipods?

        Do I play it often enough that I go seek out other songs, singles, b-sides from the same group?

        Do I sing along with it? Do I sing along with it often enough to look up the lyric video?

        Do I sing along with it often enough to look up the Han/Rom/Eng lyrics and =print them out=, and then really truly learn the words?

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    • No I agree with your review , to me it does sound like they are doing to much. I liked You calling my name so this one does feel like a 7 or a 6.5. It is lower for me because the instrumentals are so jarring that I can’t enjoy the song because I am waiting for them to end so that I can hear the vocals. The choreography didn’t match the song for some reason, it felt like they just wanted to do really intricate hand movements and steps.

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  3. I loved the song. It was catchy, you can also dance to it. The chorus, prechorus, bridge. Everything was perfect. It has a deep meaning to it which is a cherry on top. It is not a song without meaningful meaning to it so that’s a win-win I think. I loved the concept, for a 6 year old group, it’s so aesthetic!! I’d give it a 9.25. I’ve been listening to it all day! It was really good


  4. I like it but I don’t love it , I feel like GOT7 Could do with some really sweet melodies and the album is not that good….

    but Following December, I have loads to be excited about!

    Kim Sung Kyu
    TXT – Follow Up Ghosting (I am not sure abt this one)
    NCT Resonance (not sure about this one too)
    Maybe Chung ha.

    But I am overall happy about your End-of-the-Years countdown (This is the first time I am experiencing it) and I am definitely excited with what 2021 will bring!

    Should I explain what I want now or in the Kpop Wishlist…………..?


  5. I like the post chorus but I don’t think the rest of the song flows too well in and out of it. I feel like they could have made an actual disco track or utilise the guitar sounds more during the rest of the song.


  6. nice review….i like “Last Piece” a lot more than “Breath”….what i really like about Got7, as one of my top male kpop groups, is their versatility in their song choices….they always keep it enjoyable, but they – like EXO – are not afraid to experiment with different sounds and material.

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  7. My expectations were low but then you had to go and set me up for disappointment… Not a fan of this nor the album. It’s been a while since I liked a GOT7 song. Self produced or not just give me something guys, cmon…


  8. Got7 hasn’t ever matched my music taste in the last three years so I’m not too surprised that I wasn’t a fan but the guitar part surprised me, I really enjoyed the rock(?) aspect. I dislike the rhythm of the chorus the most, the beat felt off somehow? I feel like the beat was too slow for the lyrics ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


  9. (new reviewer after lurking for a bit – hi! love reading your reviews) as a long time ahgase, i was very disappointed with breath despite some of my friends loving it to pieces, so i was pleasantly surprised by how much i liked this. i realize that with got7 they have overall stronger bsides, and that their title tracks are always not my favorite but this one is great! love the stronger bass and the instrumental overall, but i think the kicker is that youngjae and jb’s voices aren’t as dominating here as i thought they were in breath. the album is a bit weak (with my favorites being the non member produced tracks sadly) but i love this title from the get go – am excited to see where they go from here as they presumedly re-signed with jyp.


      • (sorry for the incoming long comment) there’s a bunch of goodies! like i think a bunch of them are unfortunately pre-fly era, but i’ll try to list a general list of bsides (from each album) i love from them.

        – got it: i like you (a classic, used to be my number one for so long!)
        – got love: a (not a b side but incredible), good tonight
        – identify: lots of great bsides and is probably their best full album. love gimme and take your hand.
        – mad: a wonderful mini album! i love good, eyes on, and tictictok (that being top 3 for me)
        – i try not to think of flight trilogy, just because that was a time i wasn’t that into them / they were plagued by earattack. i think beggin on my knees and prove it are the only 2 i love love from those 3 albums.
        – 7for7: another great mini filled with great songs! obviously teenager – a very great standout – but moon u, remember you, and to me are lovely as well.
        – eyes on you: the prelease title one and only you (ft. hyolyn)
        – present: you (and me): my favorite g7 bside (no one else) is on this album! would highly rec come on, enough, save you, and take me to you.
        – spinning top: 1 degree, the end, page
        – call my name: pray, run away
        – dye: i loooooove every song on this mini except for not by the moon. shout out to crazy and aura.
        – (last but not least) this new album! breath of love: last piece!: incredibly enamored by i mean it atm. and i like 1+1 and thank you, sorry v much.

        – love their christmas tracks a lot actually haha, i think they’re quite cute
        – my definitive japanese track i love from them is karma – all that harmonica is great to me. also makes a great playlist with exo’s bad dream and with you (all very space-y dreamy)

        again, sorry for this huge bsides rec list. i hope it helps!


  10. I actually loved it very much, and I don’t really know why :D. Maybe because of the simplistic feel of the song, and I dig for simplicity (though they sometimes come out as boring).

    I really wish they could have played with the melody further to bring out the true potential of the track, but I think this works fine. The song is filled with ups and downs, but the ups have been more exposed than the downs. An 8.5 for me, this is as high as I can rate to it.

    I know this is unnecessary, but Kim Sunggyu is coming back!


  11. This song is much nicer when wearing headphones. The instrumentals are really good. But the part I don’t like the most here is the post-chorus part, which I think doesn’t sound like a good fit for the whole song. But it seems, as I always listen to the song, I’ll get used to it. My honest rating. My honest rating for now is 8


  12. Leave them alone in their own platform! Just bask in their musicality. The best KPop group isnt born everyday. Shudnt we supposed to be opening doors for them to thrive & conquer borders in the industry? The 🌎 says, give ’em a chance…


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