Song Review: Rain x JYP – Switch To Me

Rain’s 2020 has been a story of resurgence, as his ridiculous 2017 single Gang unexpectedly rose to fame and he became one third of retro pop pastiche SSAK3. JYP’s 2020 has seen him embracing his own history, including collaborations with some of the artists he’s mentored over the years. Switch To Me (나로 바꾸자) brings both of these narratives together, pairing the long-time friends and co-workers for a song that looks back on retro trends while drawing upon the meme-worthy humor at the heart of both performers’ appeal.

Written (of course) by JYP himself, Switch To Me is a New Jack Swing dance track that offers the chance for the duo to one-up each other. Musically, this is a comfortable territory for the guys, and it’s satisfying to watch performers do what they do best. This genre has been a long-time favorite of mine, and is always a treat to hear. As expected, the instrumental gets the funky, percussive arrangement just right, though it could do with a more addictive synth hook. I love the backing vocals that buttress the chorus, though. They offer a refreshing interplay with the relatively simple groove.

Melodically, I have a feeling that Switch To Me will end up becoming a huge earworm. Its charm is immediately apparent, even if the structure feels more like a sewing-together of existing New Jack Swing tropes than a modern reinterpretation. Still, I enjoy that wavering refrain that leads us out of each chorus. Even better is the second-verse rap, which enhances the existing instrumental rather than upending it. This is a lot of fun, as expected of these two.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Rain x JYP – Switch To Me

  1. Okay I was not expecting to like this as much as I did. Especially the outfits choices and the dance choreography of the music video. Daaaang. Retro sound really is the new vibe isn’t it? I do not mind, especially since it suits Rain and JYP so well. Glad I decided to take a listen.


  2. I can’t sleep at night, I toss and turn, listening for the telephone….
    Whoops wrong song.

    I will give several bonus points to them.

    First one for having a helluva lot of fun. The helicopter cracked me up. And the cameo appearance, of course it had to be Psy, who else would it be? Kim soo hyun?

    Second point for knowing who to steal from. Or borrow liberally from. JYP did it for wonder girls songs with Prince, and here classic Bobby Brown. Every little step I take, you will be there.

    Third for performing circles around the rest of the groups at MBC Gayo with what is a simple straight ahead song and dance routine. All stage presence and charisma, and an extra short abs revealing jacket. It’s almost like a bolero jacket.

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    • .
      This morning, after watching JYP and Rain practice and record, I let youtube autoplay and this one popped up in the autofeed, in which he dances and teaches to “Every little step”.


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