Song Review: U-Know (Yunho from TVXQ) – Eeny Meeny

Like Irene and Seulgi’s Naughty last summer, U-Know’s Eeny Meeny is a follow-up track, released as part of his album Noir but only unveiled digitally today. Though this promotional tactic can be frustrating for completists like myself, the opportunity for more U-Know singles can never be bad. While last week’s Thank U truly harnessed the mood of the album’s title, Eeny Meeny is lighter on its feet and paired with a video that takes its cues from movie musicals.

Right from the start, Eeny Meeny captivates with its unique instrumental. Entirely rhythmic, the track is composed of little more than percussion. The bass provides a melodic through-line, but otherwise the production is incredibly sparse. For someone who tends to love grandiose arrangements, this could be a detriment, but the track immediately forges an exciting groove that keeps the entire thing moving at a brisk pace. In a way, it’s very Dangerous-era Michael Jackson, though not as aggressively bold in its execution.

Eeny Meeny’s opening verse is particularly engaging, as U-Know’s rhythmic vocals spar with the percussion, building toward a satisfying, funk-infused high note. From here, it feels like the track is about to become Oh My Girl’s Dolphin. But rather than bring in more vocals, the chorus swerves into a brittle beat. It’s almost skeletal in its arrangement. On first listen, this felt like a bitter disappointment. But, subsequent plays have brought out the charm in this oddball hook. I do wish that Eeny Meeny would go a little bigger (maybe an additional melodic refrain to give the track more weight?), but I like that it never loses its groove. In the end, U-Know’s natural charisma elevates the track, making this another solid part of a consistently great album.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8


3 thoughts on “Song Review: U-Know (Yunho from TVXQ) – Eeny Meeny

  1. I really like this song. It is a bright uncomplicated pop song, delivered by a grown adult who schools everyone as to how to do it. It is also the perfect length, not too short but not too long, does what it has to do, and the ends. This is the nth eenie miny moe song in kpop I have heard and it is the best. Well, ok a tie with Tiny-G “Minimanimo” ‘

    The vocal is also remarkably good, I say this because so easily accomplished that it is hard to miss how easily he transitions from his mixed voice to his falsetto and back again. If this were a 3rd gen we would be gushing more, but clearly as TVXQ is one of the few remaining late 1st gen (early 2nd?) actively promoting, we all just shrug as if it is expected.

    I don’t know who is more of a dancing human string bean – Yunho or Max Changmin.

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  2. Ooh.. this is groovy! I know I keep commenting it but his confidence as a performer really shines again in his vocal. It’s that extra polish and charm that makes a relatively simple song work so well.

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