Song Review: J.Don (Lee Seunghyub of N.Flying) – Clicker

N.Flying recently renewed their contracts with FNC Entertainment, ensuring years of new music from the band. With this firm foundation under their feet, this is the perfect time to stretch themselves with things like solo projects. Leader Seunghyub has participated in collaborations before, but On The Track (released under his moniker J.Don) is his first solo album.

The album will be promoted by Clicker (클리커), which feels like a subtle sidestep from N.Flying’s usual work. The rock influences are still present, but the track places greater prominence on Seunghyub’s skills as a rapper. It’s a laidback, vaguely funky effort – the kind of song I can’t imagine anyone disliking. However, amiable pop music like this threatens to fade into the background if not anchored by an incredible hook. For me, Clicker’s chorus is kind of “in one ear, out the other,” but the song benefits from Seunghyub’s engaging delivery. His personality shines through during most moments, and that’s certainly a strength.

Clicker’s hand-clapping, party atmosphere is also welcome. I love the various instrumental flourishes – especially those swoops of brass that punctuate the instrumental every once and awhile. But when it comes down to it, the song leaves little impact. It’s enjoyable and groovy in the moment, yet doesn’t compete with the sharpest N.Flying tracks. With that said, I think that Seunghyub has a ton of potential as a solo artist, and I’d like to hear him further develop this sound as time goes on.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

2 thoughts on “Song Review: J.Don (Lee Seunghyub of N.Flying) – Clicker

  1. This reminds me of early-mid NFlying circa “The Real” – perhaps he wrote or co-wrote both. Its alright. It needs to be a little more bonkers to be compelling. Even if the vocals were a little more reaching, that would make it slightly better.

    So fun fact, for some reason – an old surgery or injury – this guy is exempt from military service. And the co-lead singer Hweseung already did his service back inn his teen years, NFlying will not be without their front men over the next few years. Sure, Jaehyun was adorbs after their first win, and he will be missed when he goes away, but its not the same in a band as missing the front men.


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