Song Review: BDC – Moon Rider

Brand New Music’s BDC kicked off their “Intersection” series last September with the synth-fueled Shoot The Moon. That song ended up being a big grower, and I loved its sci-fi concept and immense electronic anchor. Thankfully, new single Moon Rider continues this aesthetic and kicks up the tempo. This results in a song that’s just my style.

Moon Rider’s instrumental packs in a ton of drama. It has a cinematic appeal, buoyed by stabs of strings as its chorus swirls into a frenzy. But even before that, the song chugs along. Its gritty bass guitar makes for an exciting pulse, giving the track plenty of drive. And though most of the instrumental filters out for the pre-chorus, the chorus itself has a satisfying density of sound that feels impactful.

I also want to zoom in on the second verse. I often write about this segment in K-pop songs — specifically, the dreaded half-time breakdown that’s become a momentum-killing staple over the past few years. Moon Rider still makes room for rap, but the percussion remains relentless. THIS is how you segue into a second verse with panache. It’s so, so important, and I’m delighted that this track didn’t fall into the same trap as so many others.

If there’s anything holding Moon Rider back from becoming truly transcendent, it’s the performance at its core. BDC do a fine job, but their voices are so light and airy. I think the song could have done with a grittier vocal – something as powerful as its production. But, the song’s chorus is great, the instrumental is great, and I’m more than happy with the final product.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9

11 thoughts on “Song Review: BDC – Moon Rider

  1. Remember 2020? This year has been giving us loads of highlights and I couldn’t have been happier! Now KQ justhave to give us that frickin “Take Me Home” Music video to really make this year sold!

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  2. I’ve been obsessed with this song all day, immediately got me with the first listen. I think the word I’d use to describe this song is “satisfying”. I hope BNM just keep BDC as this lineup tbh cos they got loads of potential after these first two releases.

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  3. I should like this song more than I do. It’s a pretty good song, and it is pretty well performed. I should be impressed that the song is carried by only 3 boys who have competent, pleasing boy band high tenor voices. It sounds well done but I will call it out for what it sounds like to me, which is a copycat of lots of other things. For one, it has all the vocal stylings of the BTS high vocal line, like all three are trying to be Jungkook. It reminds me of back when every boy band follow on of that era was copying Justin Timberlake’s vocal stylings, though not Brian Littrell as much.

    (Even the cover pic is derivative ‘ – I am surprised someone in the Army hasn’t posted on the kpop sites already a “user content” post about artistic infringement. It is borderline trademark infringement in the US. BigHit would have a pretty good case in the US if they chose to bring it.)

    Oooh, Letter box. Yes, that is just about the only thing that is grabbing me right now. Letter box format on the video, as if that matters these days.

    Speaking of copycats, this came out this past weekend. Someone who goes by “Yey”. I don’t know why this Yey is, but yay! Its kinda cool. Its like Billie Eillish in Korean with more vocal range and melody and less moodiness. ‘

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    • My mind also went to Jungkook. Very similar vocal style. Doesn’t help that it’s not really my taste in vocals, though I don’t have a strong dislike for it either.

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  4. Man, the very first time I listened to the song, it felt like love at first hear(?). This is a big improvement from Shoot the Moon! For me, that is.

    Even right from the start of the song, the energy was already pulsating, like as if it’s slowly building up and spreading. That energy ended up building up until the chorus, and goodness that chorus was just majestic!

    I love how they utilize string instruments in song, as for me it gives more flavor and life to it. Though it’s only a few notes from here and there, it definitely left an impact from me. Ah, and that 2nd verse though. I love how the song’s pace didn’t falter and somehow felt that it grew more and more intense, until the calming pre chorus starts. This formula can be heard plenty in others, but in Moon Rider, it was done fantastically!

    Although the song’s really great, I felt like the vocals feels so… I don’t know, maybe a bit lacking? Don’t get me wrong, the boys have done amazing in this song. It just felt like that the vocals could be a bit more than it has.

    I’m giving this a solid 9. This will be my jam for the whole week.


    • I think the vocal performance is fine enough for their age and experience. It is a decent vocal. They hit some nice notes.

      So I think the problem is the mix, that the producer and/ or mixing engineer didn’t add the crescendo and decrescendo that should naturally happen, which is almost as simple as =volume=. For one example, let’s take the chorus starting at 0:46. The volume of the vocal stays the same. The instrumental gets louder, especially the lower bass parts, so now the vocal is underneath the instrumental. It should be the opposite.

      A more experienced performer would naturally give more nuanced performance that ebbs and flows, in intensity, in volume, and would craft their own ups downs highs and low. These boys played it straight, and no grown up in the room helped them out.

      It also doesn’t help that the three of them have very similar timbres and ranges, so there is little variety, no soundscaping we are used to hearing in a boy band. It may as well have been a solo song.

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  5. Good song and I agree on the vocals. Sometimes it’s producer’s ‘fault’ for not telling/showing (main) vocalist(s) how to ‘shine’…


  6. Agree. I would’ve liked a Seventeen DK/Golden Child Y/EXO style power note here and there. Attack those notes with a little more passion, make me feel something!

    That aside, this song is so good. The strings really give it that extra. I am very positively surprised since I haven’t heard of these guys before. This is definitely the kind of music I’d like to hear more of!

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