Song Review: Park Bom – Do Re Mi Fa Sol (ft. Changmo)

Park Bom - Do Re Mi Fa Sol (ft. Changmo)Park Bom comeback” is a statement that will always give me some thrill. 2NE1 were a vital component of my favorite generation of K-pop, and Bom’s unique voice contributed greatly to that appeal. But as with so many idols-gone-soloists, her own music can be hit or miss. That voice will always be enough to capture attention, but a song like Do Re Mi Fa Sol (도레미파솔) is otherwise quite dull.

It’s nearly April, which means K-pop has reserved its seat in your nearest coffeehouse. I don’t know what it is about this season, but songs like this always have a reliable audience this time of year. Cue the gentle acoustic guitar, finger-snapping percussion and lazy tempo, as you pour yourself an iced Americano (do idols even drink anything else?).

For Do Re Mi Fa Sol, Park Bom has enlisted the popular Changmo to add a sing-song verse that makes this almost a duet. I like that he stays around to sing with her for the next chorus, giving the track a natural sense of interplay. And like many of these coffeehouse offerings, the melody is warm and amiable. It has a calming vibe. You can almost feel the sun pouring through the window. But when it comes down to it, a song this subdued will never really be my thing. People listen to music for different reasons, and Do Re Mi Fa Sol definitely has its time and place. Meanwhile, you’ll catch me freaking out to Beautiful Beautiful or Breathe in the room next door. I’ll try not to disturb you too much!

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25


6 thoughts on “Song Review: Park Bom – Do Re Mi Fa Sol (ft. Changmo)

  1. They also make and drink those whippy coffee drinks these days, or at least they did last year. Dalgona coffee. Tasty stuff. I got myself a little handheld milk frother whippy just to make my own, being impatient with the humble fork for half an hour method.

    This would be me if I ever went to a coffee shop. “I’ll have a … HEY! Kids! knock it off! … I’ll have a …” I literally had to do that just now as I was typing this up.

    Oh, right this song.
    Bom’s voice is the best thing about this song, and that is saying something because I am usually on the not-fan-of-her-voice side of the divide. Changmo’s verse is odd, all those obvious cut ins and overlays. I don’t know why they did this.
    And then it ends.
    It’s OK, or OK enough.

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