Song Review: Majors – Rain On Me

Majors - Rain On Me
Girl group Majors are taking an interesting approach to their debut year promotions. Rather than finely craft a single title track, they’ve blitzed the market with several budget-conscious music videos for multiple singles. The hope, I’m sure, is that one of these songs will somehow hit big. But, I’d rather have on knockout track than handfuls of knockoffs.

Following their March debut, the group has unveiled videos for both Rain On Me and Dancing In The Starlit Night. The former seems to be gaining slightly more attention, so that’s where I’ll focus my review. But, I have the same general feeling toward both tracks. They each feel like a blender of K-pop influences, thrown together in ways that make little impact.

Rain On Me kicks off with a strong verse. I like the saxophone riff, coupled with the splashes of bright synth and engaging melody. But, this arrangement quickly devolves into a harder, more generic EDM pop drop that does the song no favors. The melody becomes more fragmented as the instrumental thunders behind it. And before we know it, Rain On Me loses its sense of personality. This has been a common stumbling block for certain boy groups, and I’m starting to notice it affect girl groups more often as well. It’s definitely possible to bring your own perspective to a song of this style, but working around Rain On Me’s hulking production is a challenge. Majors get lost in the noise, and it becomes difficult to discern who they are as performers.

 Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

11 thoughts on “Song Review: Majors – Rain On Me

  1. I really feel for these girls. Some are carryovers from reconfigured groups that didn’t work out, some are new and somehow thought joining this agency would be a good idea. … It was not a good idea.

    This song is like the aural equivalent of the “Best Painting”. It has all the right au courant elements from hit songs from the recent past and present, and yet it just doesn’t work.

    The “Best Painting” was an artsy project in the 90’s where they took a poll of what people like to see in a painting, and made that painting, and the outcome is rather odd. For the US version, it’s a landscape with water and nature and a lot of soothing blue mountains yet historical with George Washington, and etc and to quote this article quoting another article “It looks like a rushed Hudson River School canvas that has been touched up by Thomas Kinkade”.

    That is this song.

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    • I watched this one as well, but I was too distracted by the poorly sewn rainbow sateen ensembles to remember the song. Its the completely wrong fabric choice.
      Oh, the song, its basic kpop.

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  2. I think this has potential to be at least good. I actually enjoy the chorus, but I do think a girl group with stronger performance and better production would’ve been able to pull off this.

    The verses are so good tho.

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  3. I prefer “dancing in the starlight night”; it’s much easier to stomach. Rain on me is sastifying in fits and starts. I can see the company’s strategy, and it’s keeping Majors on my radar for now. Hopefully they’ll make an identity for themselves i the next comeback.

    Funny how “rain on me” is the title. I can’t help but think that lady gaga influenced it.

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  4. I actually really like the actual song. In the hands of a girl group who could bring the charisma and presence that a song like this requires it could have been stellar. But Majors just aren’t up to it yet–not their fault, they’re rookies.

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