Song Review: Jay B – Switch It Up (ft. Sokodomo)

Jay B - Switch It UpAs GOT7 members embark on their own solo careers, I’ll probably pick and choose which songs to write about. After all, The Bias List’s focus has always been idol groups, and labels like H1GHR Music begin to veer into different territory. But, it’s interesting to hear what idols are capable of when signing with a more niche agency.

Producer Cha Cha Malone has built an admirable reputation within the industry. His beats tend to tread similar territory, but occasionally you’ll get a Ride Or Die that expands the sonic palette. Despite the promise of its title, Switch It Up is largely the same bass-driven trap beat we’ve heard a million times before. Luckily, this percussion is couched within an insistent swirl of atmospheric synth pads. This gives the track a “wet” texture that brings a needed sense of depth to the otherwise familiar instrumental. I wish Switch It Up would have leaned even further in this direction.

I know a lot of people love Jay B’s vocals. I’ve never been a huge fan of his timbre, but he gives a great performance here. It’s subdued yet emotive, and strikes a nice balance between forceful delivery and more languid moments. The brushes of falsetto during the chorus are pure bliss, but the whole track has a satisfying fluidity that compliments the synth. I love the airy backing vocals that punctuate many of Switch It Up’s lines. There’s something very mid-90’s r&b about the sound. Rapper Sokodomo’s feature feels a little extraneous, offering contrast but opting for a predictable flow. I’ll be interested to see where Jay B’s solo career goes from here, especially given his talent as a composer.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25


10 thoughts on “Song Review: Jay B – Switch It Up (ft. Sokodomo)

  1. These days what music you should review under ‘K-Pop, J-Pop, C-Pop’ is getting more and more confusing. Is Dynamite a K-Pop single or an English-Language one? Is Yuqi’s debut C-Pop or K-Pop? Is a solo debut into more indie territory of an idol artists K-Pop or K-Indie? I honestly feel sorry for you for the pain of classifying those releases.

    So, I think it is best I add to your confusion. New genres such as T-Pop, V-Pop, P-Pop, and Q-Pop have popped up across Asia. Are you planning to review some songs from those worlds, or will this site stick to C-Pop, K-Pop, and J-Pop?

    Sorry for the long question, but I figured it was going to get asked sooner or later, so I thought I should ask anyway.

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    • It has definitely gotten more confusing! I plan to mostly focus on Korean artists or those who have been in Korean groups before, but if a song really captures my attention, you never know!

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      • That is good to know! Will look forward to any reviews as such.

        Actually, have you heard Dimash’s new single? The new MV is absolutely terrible and even a bit creepy (plus Dimash cannot act), but it is brass funk such as Uptown Funk, and I know you love that sound.


        But then again, Dimash is not even an idol, so I am unsure if it will even count, despite it being Q-Pop.

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        • He didn’t do the crazy high notes, so I don’t know if I should say “Oh DImash!”.

          Yeah, that’s a solid pop song. Its a hard song to pull off, even if the parts were to be distributed around a group, because of the theatricality of the song. The performer needs to hit the right level of showmanship, but not too much camp to be a parody. Perhaps a TVXQ-type could pull it off. I think Dimash does well enough acting, enough for a MV. The rap isn’t so much rapping as chanting on a low tone on the beat.


          • For 2021, I think Dimash is trying to show that he is more than just a crazy talented vocal guy. In other words, removing the one thing that made him so unique. The results have been pretty mixed.

            Yeah, the song is solid, Super Junior or TVXQ would sell it well enough I think. Maybe this Q-Pop group could do great with it.


            Yeah, I still find the MV cringe. Dimash acts well enough for an MV I guess, but he does not scream ‘bad boy’ like he is desperately trying to, why do people want to even look like that?

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  2. Most of the instrumental sounds like the atmospheric loop music one can hear on youtube, the pick-a-mix kind of relaxation music. Pick your personal keyword search of today’s desired mix of soft piano harp flute rain ocean birds babbling brook thunder wind, all backed by some atmospheric synth that just cycles around soothing tones and chord changes.

    And then there is the contemporary rap and trap and bass in the instrumental which let’s just say is not on my personal keywords search of today’s desired mix. I’ll pass for today.

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  3. The lyrics for this song made me blush like a 16 year old. The music itself just seems dull, or an unobtrusive background loop for geting it on.


  4. I liked Jay B’s vocals here much better than in Got7’s tracks. It’s incredible how much better already talented singers can sound when they have a song tailored exclusively to their voice. For me, the rap adds nothing and actually takes away from a song I otherwise enjoyed.


  5. Honestly, as much as I enjoy a generic trap beat accompanied with seductive vocals (this track being no exception).. I think this is a very odd pick for a ‘redebut’ song. It sounds a little bside-ish, its a pretty predictable track melodically and lyrically – I would’ve thought that Malone and Park would want to give Jay B something a little more memorable with more grandeur. This doesn’t really feel impactful at all in the long term. I think a track somewhat similar to Kai’s ‘Ride or Die’ would have fared well with Jay B’s vocals – and it would have definitely been more remarkable too.

    As for Sokodomo’s ‘Trippie Redd’-esque rap verse, it should’ve stayed in the studio… pretty uninspiring and brought little to nothing to the song.

    Hoping his next release is a little more dynamic!


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