Song Review: fromis_9 – We Go

fromis_9 - We GoAfter a lengthy hiatus, fromis_9 seemed to find their sweet spot with last September’s buoyant Feel Good. They’ve stuck with the same composers for We Go, and that was a smart decision. Their music is at its best when it opts for a classic pop sound, foregoing girl crush or aegyo trends for a style that’s breezier and more uplifting.

We Go fits both of those aims, bounding forward on optimism and a generous dose of hooky refrains. Its first few seconds seem to borrow from K-pop’s recent obsession with city pop, but the track quickly morphs into a more robust summer sound. Its percolating groove is often filtered to give a hazy appeal. But, its rhythm is straightforward and addicting, rarely paused for breath. And when joined by satisfying slabs of synth for the chorus, the instrumental has a refreshing fullness.

The same could be said about We Go’s melody. The first half of its chorus is a real knockout, layering the girls’ vocals to create an enticing texture. I’m also fond of the titular hook that follows. It reminds me of another summer anthem: Katy Perry’s California Gurls. I think We Go could have stopped here, as the chant-like refrain that caps off the first and final choruses feels far more reductive. But, even this tropey burst maintains the track’s positive vibe. Never once does We Go lose momentum, and that consistency is key to its success. It may not bring anything new to the table, but compensates for this familiarity with incredible energy. By the time the girls hit liftoff for a climactic swell into We Go’s finale, it’s hard not to be utterly charmed.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9


25 thoughts on “Song Review: fromis_9 – We Go

  1. yes I love this so much! Feel Good was one of my favorite songs last year and I’m glad they came back with the same sound. I hear the California Gurls instrumental in the chorus too!

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  2. I lost track of all these smaller girl groups – I thought fromis had disbanded but here they are! Happy day! Of the girl group songs released today, this sounds the most kpop girl group-like, albeit generically so. Its just pure uncomplicated fun. There is no posing, no trends, just having basic summer fun. I just may buy it anyway.

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  3. YESSS. Awesome follow-up to FEEL GOOD, going summer instead of sparkly. The verses felt very meandering at first, but the varied melodies are so much better than what it could have been after repeated listens. The rhythms and production are good enough (and don’t dip into hi-hats or just bad percussion in general) in the verses to push the song forward, and the second rap part of the second verse with the quick 1 2 rhythm is also really good at building back the momentum.

    That chorus is GREAT. The hooks are truly fun, and the melody rocks! Come with me nowww, what you what you want, we go we go. When I listened to the second teaser, I was worried the “what you what you want” part would be overused and repeated too often, and I am pleasantly suprised they didn’t.

    The final chorus WAS AMAZING. The first time I listened through, I was floored that they switched up the melody because for some reason producers just don’t do it when it’s like the best thing ever. The switch-ups in lyrics and melody were just so GOOD. Plus adding all the vocal runs just make it so anthemic, perfect for summer.

    It’s not much more than a fun song, but it’s a summer song, what more do I need? This is a dance-y feel good song, arguable more so than their last comeback. And it fulfilled the criteria of me getting up and just dancing my ass off and having a blast off. It’s getting a highlight in my list of daily songs for sure.

    Also, this MV is surprisingly like an obvious concept that I’m shocked that fromis_9 is the only group to like do it… well I suppose the work of editing it would stop most from actually doing it.

    As for the b-sides, they’re too chill to ever get a Buried Treasure though Airplane Mode is actually pretty good. There is a 20-second moment in Airplane Mode at 2:05 where the synth just floods the instrumental and the melody gets really good and the OVER AND OVER just got me. Sadly, it’s just 20 seconds of heaven before it calms once more, but that was like a really good 20 seconds.

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  4. My favourite of today’s releases as well, it’s just the kind of song I enjoy a whole lot and what I’ve come to expect from fromis. This is breezy summery fun, and they all sound so great. So glad they’re back!

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  5. Very happy with this. A strong review as well which hasn’t always been the case when you’ve reviewed fromis songs but releases have been few and far between. Love bomb is still possibly my favourite K-pop song but fromis always bring an earnest quality and their songs always leave you with a smile on your face.

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  6. fromis_9 is a group I never paid any attention to. That changed with “Feel Good”; enough that I plumbed their previous offerings. It’s a mixed bag, but there’s enough there for me to officially declare, “Yep, I’m a fan.” This (We Go) adds a nice nutritional side dish to the menu. Seconds anyone?

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  7. Let’s get something out of the way:
    It’s a coincidence how today three girl groups have broken the streak of not having an 8.75+ today itself?! pretty cool!
    Now…moving on…
    I am in love with this comeback! It’s breezy, bombastic summer fun right at its best! I actually love the chant-like post chorus, in fact it’s my favorite segment of the entire song. It’s performed with such great energy and verve!

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  8. How do you keep up with all the new releases in the kpop world? What do you use to make sure you don’t miss anything?
    Because the website I use did not have this comeback on its may 2021 page ,and I would have missed it if not for your review :\


  9. It’s a fun, catchy little song – I hadn’t thought of “California Girls” when I heard it, but you’re right that it is a little reminiscent of it.


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