Song Review: Pixy – Let Me Know

Pixy - Let Me Know
The lore surrounding Pixy’s concept seems refreshing and engaging, but I found their debut track to be a noisy attack that compensated for its lack of hooks with a surplus of bombast. Still, it isn’t easy to craft a killer debut, and often times a group will quickly find their footing with their follow-up. I wish this were the case with Let Me Know. The song doubles down on almost every element I disliked about Wings.

Let Me Know kicks off with promise, unveiling a catchy instrumental riff that brings a fantasy-like tone to the instrumental. From here, more and more percussion is added to the arrangement. The first verse crafts a decent build, melding strums of guitar to heavy drumbeats. But, the song collapses as we enter the chorus. The production opts for a noisy blast of distortion, the kind that sounds like a synth trumpet twisted and tortured until it’s barely recognizable. It’s like the EDM version of banging on pots and pans, and forms a claustrophobic soundscape that could benefit with a more nuanced approach.

All this would be forgivable if the track found a chorus strong enough to cut through the noise. But after a solid verse, Let Me Know retreats to a repetitive shout-sung hook that lacks imagination. It’s like the producers simply gave up, or forgot to polish an unfinished sketch of a song. This is a shame, because like Wings, I can hear potential in the group’s sound. But sadly, Let Me Know could do with a huge dose of pixy dust to help it break free from its thundering arrangement.

 Hooks 6
 Production 7
 Longevity 7
 Bias 6

11 thoughts on “Song Review: Pixy – Let Me Know

  1. WARNING: Long comment ahead. TL;DR – Like the song, PIXY are awesome performers, I love PIXY now.

    Love the dark/bright/neon fairy fantasy aesthetic.

    I love a lot about this song. Surprisingly, the best parts are the verses and raps. It’s all very rhythmic and varied. The production underneath them don’t devolve into hi-hats or “dark” trap. The production doesn’t make any bad turns in verses. The raps feel incredibly well integrated. The pre-chorus builds up perfectly.

    Now that chorus. That dying brass will be controversial. It will be annoying to many. I don’t mind it. I think if the girl’s voices were put more forward in the track and the brass just lowered a tad bit then it would’ve been better. Additionally, I don’t hate the central hook (it’s decent and gets stuck in my head), and the more melodic second part of the chorus is much more enjoyable. I like the final chorus the best, replacing the brass with whistles which is so much better. It is very, not melodic as I usually like but I don’t mind it here for some reason.

    The vocals are also impressive. Ella’s voice is INCREDIBLE! The rapping is also done very well. I think I recognized at least 4 to 5 different voices. Out of 6 that’s pretty great.

    Definitely at least 8 for me. Though, I also like WINGS (mentioned later) so I suppose that’s just me.

    So, this song also awakened my interest in PIXY I suppose, so I checked out their comeback stage, and holy crap I love this group. I love the choreo and they give such good energy for this song. It helps that they all have incredible presence and facial expressions. I was hypnotized watching them perform. Ella is a former Cherry Bullet member, and FNC fucking missed out because she is INCREDIBLE.

    I guess I have a new group to follow now. They’ve convinced me and sucked me in with one performance. This is the fastest I’ve been hooked to a group in a while.


    I’ve also finally checked out their debut that I missed and after three performances, a dance practice and lots of repeats… I love it. Even despite its flaws. Nick gave this a 5 and I don’t blame him but I respectfully will continue listening to Wings haha. This group, they’re luring me in. Regardless, their performance and choreo on Wings is captivating and honestly, made me like the song more.

    If Nick doesn’t choose their WINGS choreo for top 10 choreo of the year, I will question his taste. In dance at least.

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  2. I have no comment.

    …. Have I heard this song before? I swear I have heard this song or somethingthisclosetoit several times in the recent past.

    Pixy is a great name for a group. It is a girl name. It is pronounceable in English and Korean (unlike the bleeping Bleetzers). However I was also expecting something different from a group called “Pixy”, I was expecting something more sugary sweet Pixie stick pixie fairy like.

    Off topic: there is a song coming out at midnight my time tonight, 9pm Nick’s time. I am not staying up, so I will be poster number 60 or 80 or something tomorrow morning. The teasers have had sounds all over the place, so who know what it will really sound like. But if it really does sample Another One Bites the Dust, I swear I am going to swear and mutter some impertinent things to Professor May under my breath about ruining my childhood memories. Sampling classic songs can be a double edged sword. Just saying.

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  3. Hmm I’m on the fence…Wing’s grew on me through their stage performances on Music Shows. Since promotions ended I haven’t returned to the song although the performance video posted by Philonixar is pretty impressive.

    This song reminds me of Everglow’s first few singles. Both are Blackpinkvibes/girl crush heavy siding more towards western taste…I think the Everglow material has aged strongly and I don’t hear the same potential in Let Me Know. kinda like a derivative of a derivative. I love dissonance and the horn riff played on distorted guitar would be quite metal. I think their rap line is pretty strong and I didn’t feel like verse 2 was energy killing until that over long pre-chorus.

    Pixy is stronger on the performance side by along shot than any other area. When listening without the visuals, the songs flaws are even more apparent. My favorite songs are pieces of music with many layers to be discovered sans visual stimuli. I really want to hear the fantasy element more strongly reflected in the music!

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    • Yeah, it’s like.. want to punish them for peeing on the rug, but then the puppy dog eyes come out and you want to give them a treat and a hug. …or something like that.

      I see what PIXY is trying to become. Some sort of fusion between CLC and Dreamcatcher, or BP and Pink Fantasy, and I’m fine with that; if they can pull it off.

      I’m not ready to pluck the WINGS off these PIXYs just yet.

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  4. Ya know, having liked “Wings”, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I heard/saw this right when it dropped and I roiled. I was ready to come here and make some short and sweet glib post like: “Oops!” or “Muligan?”. Yeah, I wasn’t thrilled.

    Just for gits and shiggles, I decided to watch it again with the link provided on this page, and.. ..dammit, I’m less sure about completely abandoning it. It’s not growing on me, per se, but it’s not bothering me as much. I dunno. It’s wierd. What the hell is happening to me? Send Twinkies and TLC; STAT!

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  5. I agree with Nick’s pots and pans descritpion. This seems pointlessly noisy to me. I don’t like the hook, either. let me let me know boy let me let me know. It’s a chore to listen to it.

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  6. This combines the things I dislike about CLC’s and Everglow’s songs and then cranks it up a notch on the noise-meter. Not really for me.


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