Song Review: AB6IX – Gemini

AB6IX - GeminiI swear, I’m going to keep reviewing these Universe tracks until one completely knocks me out. So in other words… I’ll probably keep reviewing them forever.

For those just now jumping onboard, Universe is a K-pop app that promises idol interaction and exclusive material. It’s already enlisted many top idols, releasing original songs and videos to drive interest. Though none of these songs have been bad, none have inspired much interest either. AB6IX’s Gemini fits right within that trend. It’s pleasant and enjoyable, but lacks the excitement generally found within their singles.

The song is produced by the 13 team, who have already delivered two instant classics this year. Gemini feels far from classic – a hazy mood piece rather than a killer anthem. I wouldn’t classify this as “city pop,” but the track hinges upon many of that genre’s elements (at least as K-pop sees them!). The groove is laidback and languid, driven by atmospheric synths. Even when the beat kicks in for the chorus, it never really brings the track to another level. And this being 2021-era K-pop, Gemini still finds room for one of those momentum-killing second verse breakdowns. Taken as a whole, the song just washes over you, leaving little impact in its wake.

But as dull as this sound is, it fits AB6IX’s vocals well. I can imagine a more galvanizing version of Gemini becoming a real standout. Just take some of the track’s more idiosyncratic moments (like that waterfall of synths during the chorus) and fuse them to a daring melody. As it stands now, this is the definition of easy listening.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


7 thoughts on “Song Review: AB6IX – Gemini

  1. Yeah, its not bad. For one, I get more Lee Dae Hwi eye candy.

    I was puzzling over what it means that “I’m your Gemini, you are my Mercury”, since they repeat that line some dozen times. It sounds cool, even if it makes no astrological sense, or Apollo program sense either.

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    • A quick google search for Gemini and Mercury tells me something.

      Astrology is weird and loves their astrological terms, and though I don’t get it, there is some governance in the meanings. Apparently each astrological sign is “ruled” by a different planet. Because there are only 9, the sun, moon and Pluto are included. Don’t ask me why.

      Guess what’s Gemini’s ruling planet? It’s Mercury.

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      • Yeah, I was thinking astrology too, but It’s a bit obscure. Thinking out loud, I mean, why pick Gemini ruled by Mercury, why is the girl Mercury and not, say, Venus which is ruled by …. googling …. Taurus. Well, OK that’s not quite as nice sounding. (presuming the love interest is a girl, maybe – maybe not)


    • Ooooh, this is my style of music. I’m much more welcoming of synths than most so this is right up my alley.

      The second verse is not bad, could’ve done with something else but the hazy background vocals reminds me of some of the electronic music I listen to something like Madeon’s recent stuff though the raps aren’t memorable I’m afraid.

      The synths however are very fun, and I love the chorus hook despite how odd it is. I love the guitar in the outro and would’ve loved to see it used more. The bass and small flourishes everywhere makes this a nice listen.

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