Song Review: N.Flying – Moonshot

N.Flying - MoonshotA year since their last comeback, idol band N.Flying have returned with their first full album. Full albums are a big deal in K-pop. At the very least, they represent a certain level of support from an act’s agency. But, they also offer the opportunity to stretch yourself and your sound across a wider expansion of tracks. Though N.Flying were once at the whims of outsourced composers, they now write all their own material, including the ten tracks of Man On The Moon.

Moonshot feels like a blend of the band’s newer and older material. It’s more restrained than their rollicking 2017-era fare, but has a swinging grooviness that hearkens back to those early days. Falling somewhere between mid and uptempo, the track is largely devoted to the percussive stomp that underlines its verses and chorus. Even the guitar follows this general rhythm.

An injection of celebratory brass adds oomph to the hook, and I wish that texture had been further developed. Moonshot does its thing quite well, but becomes more repetitive as it wears on. This is in spite of a reliably bravura performance from Hweseung and Seunghyub. Their interplay never grows old, even if the song doesn’t offer too many opportunities to shine. In the end, Moonshot lays down its groove and rarely strays from it, forging a cohesive track likely to please fans. This style of rock music often leaves me cold, but I can appreciate its charms when performed by such a solid band.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7

25 thoughts on “Song Review: N.Flying – Moonshot

  1. The other day in the car, “The Real” came on. Darling daughter asked “What’s this”, and I said “CHILD, please!”.

    This song is not their most audacious, more like a solid base hit double, which sometimes is OK. It’s a good romp. Yes, it earned that key change. It finally hits it groove on the outro.

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  2. I think this might be my favorite song of today, I just love the mood this puts me in. Also nice to see them back together again, it’s been a bit too long for my liking.

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  3. SWING? Love it, swing rhythm always make me feel so energetic with a bit of adventure honestly. Wonderful rhythmic melodies and some crazy hooks, even if the main one was off at first.

    If you wanna change, be not afraid! WE CAN FIRE IN MOOSHOT. TRAUMA. FAN THE FIIIIIIIIIIREE! MAN ON THE MOON! Man is it fun to listen to.

    Also, that ending. EXO’s in comparison is so much less grand now with its vocal high note mashup. This is how you end a song. Lovely bridge with a great melody. Intensify and build to that key change. Switch it up by the end and keep the energy high. WOW. The screaming vocal reminded me of PATD! honestly.

    I originally predicted you would really love this song… I severely misjudged it seems, considering this is rated much lower than the EXO song. Like, this is one of my favorite songs in a while, although there are some crazy good b-sides too that are just as good. If this doesn’t end up growing on you, I’ll be shocked.

    I adored the back half of their album “Man of the Moon”. Fate and Zip are excellent songs. Not much to say other than just listen to them.

    Blue Scene is probably the best out of all of them but it falters just slightly with the bad second verse trap when it should’ve kept the guitar going with the rap. Still amazing though.

    To You is great too, though maybe less so than the three above them. Flashback is also a classic ballad, but I really love it for some reason.

    The only one I really liked from the first four songs was Undo. I almost gave up on the album because of this, then the back half slam dunked me with how great it was.

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    • Thanks for the heads up about the back half being stronger than the front – I was on track three and starting to wonder if anything would top Moonshot (which I quite like!). That distorted whatevertheheckthatis in Undo is fun!


    • I don’t know how, but somehow I had forgotten about Yoo Hwe Sung when we all were commenting about the kid in SF9 flubbing That Note on Kingdom. YHS could hit That Note, That Way.

      I remembered it much too late to bother to back-comment, and started enjoying a fun youtube crawl on my own. This gem came my way, it is a gift! And I shall post the whole video not just a thumbnail! They other guy is the drummer.

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      • Wow, Hweseung is a phenomenal vocal.

        For everyone else here: the song is “Still Love You” and originally is a duet with Hongki. I am choosy with my power ballads, but I wasn’t ever not gonna love something with those two singing on it.

        Also, subscribe to Hweseung’s YouTube channel if you haven’t yet! He does a ton of fun covers/live performances. The version of “Run To You” (this OST he did) where he harmonizes with himself is even better than the already-great original, imho.

        (Always happy to plug Hweseung, that boy is amazing.)

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  4. Oh yeah! I like this so much more than the EXO release. Maybe I’m just in the mood to hear a band, but whereas EXO doesn’t sound that different from every other idol song, this stands out for me. Guess I’ll have to find out more about N.Flying.

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    • Yeah, I love idol music but this feels like a breath of fresh air, just the right kind of mellow-ish rock to welcome in summer. If you’re looking at k-bands, I am obligated to spread the gospel of BANDAGE. They’re really something different and great.

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    • Definitely listen to N.Flying! They’re fantastic. I don’t even think this is their best title track by a long shot. That has to be “The Real” or “Hot Potato” (both were reviewed here, and the videos are hilarious) or maybe even “Awesome.” I think they’re at their best when they’re doing that high-energy, freewheeling pop rock, but they tackle a lot of genres of rock well! (And “Rooftop” was the song that launched them into popularity in Korea.)

      (And if you like heavier stuff, listen to B-side “Say Goodbye” off The Real. :P)


  5. N.Flying had always flown (haha) kindof under my radar, despite me listening to a song of theirs now and then and thinking ‘yeah, I liked that!’.

    This one I more than like. I’m partial to rhytmns like this, and the ‘If you wanna change, be not afraid’ is a very infectious shout-along hook. The lyrics are really sort of motivational. The key change is awesome. The only thing I dislike is how very stationery they look standing on those rooftops in the MV. It doesn’t suit the energy of the song very much :’)

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  6. Today was a happy day, since two groups I love made a comeback. Based on the teasers I thought I’d like ‘Moonshot’ more and I was right. This song is really fun to listen to and some parts are stuck in my head while EXO’s song I forgot.

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  7. Oh, what? I expected a more joyous review than that, i thought this was N-flying’s best and one of the top this year so far.

    The verse is great at strumming up anticipation and the chorus is just so aggresive that it lodged itself into my head immediately (Fire in moonshot!). The bass just constantly slaps and keeps building up into the song. It was fantastic.

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    • I must admit, I was pretty shocked too. I love this song and I was so sure Nick was going to as well.

      I figure it might be something from Nick’s mysterious music history. I don’t have much context for songs of the old so maybe this song is derivative or sounds like something Nick previously hasn’t liked. He did mention that this style of rock is not his favorite.

      Although he does mention the track lacks some shine, which I’m curious about. Maybe the hooks and production just didn’t work on him. It certainly did for me. FAN THE FIIIIIIRE! MAN ON THE MOON!


      • I think it has to do with the rhythm. I’ve never really enjoyed this kind of stomping beat in rock music. It just feels monotonous to me. But, that’s totally my own hang-up.

        I can objectively hear that this is a good song, but when it comes to rock I like something that feels a little lighter on its feet. The beat here is quite heavy, and verges on plodding (which is an adjective I completely overuse!).

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    • I love N.Flying to death. They’re literally my favorite K-band and I’m kicking myself for getting sick when they had a concert in my home country.

      I also know that Nick likes the more freewheeling, energetic stuff from N.Flying, and knew he’d rate this at about 7-ish.

      Personally, idk if this is their best — I’m still more partial to their The Real/Hot Potato era as far as titles go. But this one is really growing on me, fast. (But it’s N.Flying. Was I really not gonna like an N.Flying song, haha)


  8. Hey Nick, have you thought about doing an album review for K/DA’s ‘ALL OUT’? I think the album is really strong production-wise, especially with ‘I’ll Show You’.


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