Bias List Bracket: The Ultimate K-pop Song of Summer

Bias List Bracket


20 thoughts on “Bias List Bracket: The Ultimate K-pop Song of Summer

  1. I have so many questions:
    One, Will there only be Title tracks?
    Two, Will you include songs of the past or only in this year?
    Three, How Many Songs will be in the tournament?

    I am REALLY Excited for this!

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  2. I am gonna make a guess for all 16 title tracks:
    F(x)’s Hot Summer

    Sistar’s Loving U
    Beast’s Beautiful Night

    Kang Seung Yoon – Wild and Young

    B1A4 – Solo Day
    Sistar – Touch My Body
    GOT7 – A

    SHINee – View
    Sistar – Shake It

    UP10TION – Tonight
    Astro – Breathless

    Red Velvet – Red Flavour
    Snuper – The Star of Stars

    ONF – Complete
    Golden Child – Let Me

    ATEEZ – Wave

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    • Complete, Wave, Star of Stars, Wild and Young, Beautiful Night, and View, all classics of the utmost level. I’d also think that Genie could make it in.

      At the same time, Wild Island is a great Summer song, and these days No Rules and I Know I Love You are great songs for the season too!

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      • I don’t think Wild Island, No Rules, I Know I Love You and Genie could make it though. And I think Nick’s qualifications are pretty much the closest you can get to fair, because I would just take anything bright and put it in the tournament.


        • I know they can make it in. I just am saying I like them lol. That said, Summer does not always mean bright. For instance, one summer classic for me is Back;Hug, which is slightly brooding. Ballads like Joochan’s Song for Me are also favorites for Summer. Despite that, neither song was released in the summer.

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    • TXT’s Crown says hello.

      BTW, I saw somewhere that NCT Dream’s having a repackage released on 28th. Hot Sauce was a song I liked on the first 5 listens, hated on the next 5, and now it really depends on my mood how I think about it. If the repackage’s name (Hello Future I think) is anything to go by, I want a Superhuman number 2 to compete with Killa. Hope they don’t frick up, and fingers crossed for something upbeat pleeeease.
      As I have showcased, I am desperate.

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  3. Ahh! Website format change! Website format change!

    It was just the smallest deviation from the norm here on mobile, but I definitely did a double take and quick refresh when I saw the stickied post 😉

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