Song Review: N.O.M – Mega Punch

N.O.M - Mega PunchI don’t think I’ve written about N.O.M before, though I’ve made sure to check out all their releases. My overall impression is that this group could do with a bigger budget and songs that come across as less gimmicky. I think they could craft some really cool stuff within the niche they’re carving out for themselves, and they seem to have a good ear for melody.

Being a lover of retro music, it only makes sense that Mega Punch (메가펀치) would be the first N.O.M track to be featured on The Bias List. What can I say? I never tire of these bright synth anthems, as cheesy and derivative as they may be. Mega Punch definitely has its tongue firmly in its cheek, as evidenced by its skin-baring music video. And, the song’s stabs of airy synth and playful interjections support this sense of novelty.

The song could stand to be even glossier in its execution. There are moments that feel lo-fi, even in the audio recording itself. But, its pop heart is definitely in the right place. N.O.M have uncovered several great hooks and stacked them one after another, creating plenty of onramps for the listener. I’m most partial to the breezy vocal loop that opens the chorus. It works well as an intro to the more fleshed-out refrains that follow. I’m less-enthused with the over-excited rap segments, which pull the track back toward silliness. Moments like this cement Mega Punch as the kind of song most would consider a “guilty pleasure.” But, I unironically think it’s the most enjoyable comeback released today.

 Hooks 9
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8

10 thoughts on “Song Review: N.O.M – Mega Punch

  1. This is fantastic!

    I actually adore the silliness. I’ve said it before (Pentagon That’s Me Review), but I don’t feel guilty about enjoying songs that are goofy – in fact, I welcome it. American pop and K-pop even more tend to approach title tracks very meticulously and seriously. Especially this 80’s synth trend is often done with a very moody, polished, aloof vibe and a vocal performance to match that.

    In that landscape, this track is such a breath of fresh air. The intense breathing noises that are almost a percussion line on their own. The dramatic whispers that border on parody. Somebody just shouts ‘REMIIIIX’ at some point.

    What a gem. ME-ME-ME-MEGA PUNCH.

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  2. Hah, this was fun, and I enjoyed the eye candy. Would someone tell all those pretty, pretty 4th gen guys that life isn’t over at 30?

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