Song Review: BDC – Moon Walker

BDC - Moon WalkerBDC’s “Moon” series continues to bear fruit, as the group puts an epilogue to the trilogy with digital single Moon Walker. I get a little annoyed when K-pop acts trot out songs with this title because:

a) They never sound like Michael Jackson
b) There’s rarely any actual moon walking

Thankfully, BDC manage to hit one of these marks, pulling off the iconic dance move during Moon Walker’s chorus. But, the song could do with a healthy dose of that insanely funky MJ style.

Putting its title aside, Moon Walker is a fitting finale to an excellent series. Its execution is classic K-pop, which brings strengths and weaknesses. On the plus side, BDC sound great. I love the way their vocals are layered during the chorus. It’s very reminiscent of early VIXX – a distinct sound that really resonates. At its best, Moon Walker plays off this sense of drama. Its pre-chorus is pure theatrics, driven by heavy thuds of percussion that raise the energy as we move into the beat drop chorus. The instrumental here is addictive and exciting, even if it feels overly familiar. A more developed melody would have elevated this segment, but it still works.

My biggest gripe with Moon Walker mirrors issues I have with a lot of idol tracks. The song is a fitful beast, refusing to find one killer groove and settle in. I’m so tired of slow, ponderous verses that hold back the good stuff until we reach the chorus. Why not use Moon Walker’s central dance loop as the basis for a song that thrives all the way through? Why does it have to yank back the energy every time we hit a verse? Luckily, the track’s strengths more than compensate for its shortcomings, making this a very enjoyable effort overall.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.25

12 thoughts on “Song Review: BDC – Moon Walker

  1. BDC just continue to deliver. Its 4/4 for titles for me now.

    The energy is a bit lopsided and usually that is a big turn off for me but there is something 1) about the chorus that I just love so much it cancels it out and 2) the commitment to the sound that they have built up over this moon series makes me a bit more forgiving. It’s still following the “restrained verse” trend but isn’t messing it up with shoehorned trap or other tropes. It’s still very much in the same vein as what they’ve been doing this whole time.

    This is probably their closer on the whole thing but I just really want them to continue with this sound and doing their own thing (as in, different to most other bgs) in the future.

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  2. This chorus reminds me so much of the copyright free EDM music that accompanies the marble races (MIKAN) that I watch. That doesn’t mean I hate it, just not used to hearing it in kpop. I do like it actually.

    I prefer the second verse over the first even though I think they’re actually not that different. Regardless, it has a pretty nice energy despite it being lower than the actual chorus.

    I don’t think it quite beats Moonlight for me, but it’s a great entry into their discography.

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  3. I like this enough to playlist it, but I got a little twinge adding it to my EDM playlist because it’s yet another track pulling the average BPM of the playlist down. Ah well.

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  4. Big fan of BDC! As Phlox mentions above, this doesn’t beat Moonlight but I will add it to my set anyway. They are such a small group somehow punching way above their budget for quality of songs. And not overspending on video – there are so many space theme videos out this summer with expensive CGI space portals, I have lost track.

    I thought Nick was going to ding them a half point for having a whistle.

    But as for fitfulness, yes, a bit too varying in energy. Darling daughter was stuck on Shinee the other week, which is fine by me, and I had the opportunity to hear Lucifer several times over and how unrelenting it is in the pacing. Sorry Sorry, The Chaser, many other classics just don’t do this fits and starts pacing that contemporary kpop seems to like doing.

    There are a lot of Michael Jackson covers on Immortal Songs this summer. Oneus won the night last month with “Thriller”. Somehow there are no versions of it on youtube not even on the KBS channel, only blurry 20 sec bootleg snips. (Rights?) If anyone finds a whole version, pls post it! Instead I will link to my men Forestella doing “Smooth Criminal” which is on the proper KBS channel.
    MK’s ow! at 1:22 just kills me.


  5. A bit thrown melodically by the Shinee “Lucifer” soundscape just before the chorus instrumental, but it’s alright. Not as memorable as “Moonlight” but enough to make me happy that I purchased “Moonlight.”

    And any chance tomorrow on a review of Youha’s “Cherry on Top,” which sounds like a better version of Twice’s latest to me…?


  6. For the song that I was looking forward to the most for the 10th August: BDC’s “Moon Walker”
    I find it incredible when every entry of BDC’s Intersection series were all built on the same soundscape (synths) but each one is differentiated slightly by integrating new yet familiar elements that drives each song uniquely. Even if you are not a fan of the sound or group, I think BDC should be applauded for their consistency.
    And that consistency gave us “Shoot the Moon” with its hypnotic chorus, the groovy “Moon Rider”, the softer, smooth “Moonlight” (which based on my very limited music knowledge, the one that embraces the synths the most).
    And now we got “Moon Walker” whistling and thumping to end the series.

    Initially the verses and the choruses together felt a bit disjointed, but after a few more listens the song has definitely grown on me. The dramatic prechorus and the instrumental chorus sounds amazing.
    Something to note is that “Shoot The Moon” and “Moon Walker” is only produced by OUWO whereas the other two moon-themed singles were produced by both OUWO and Boombastic, and I argue those two tracks are a lot more cohesive and memorable for me (not that “Shoot The Moon” and “Moon Walker” was bad! I love those two songs too).

    I don’t know if I’m overthinking this but “Moon Walker” feels like an amalgamation of key parts from the other three moon-themed singles. We got:
    1. The whistling that is similar to the flutes in “Shoot The Moon”
    2. The thumping beats in place of the gritty guitar from “Moon Rider” to drive the groovy verses
    3. The instrumental chorus which has hints of the quick, ascending icy synths found in “Moonlight” (please do correct me on how I am phrasing these musical elements!)

    Regardless if that was the intention, “Moon Walker” is a great entry to the trio’s run of singles, and thus a satisfying conclusion to a really awesome series.
    Now I’ve seen a few months old rumour that mentioned about BRANDNEW Music debuting a new boy group which will have Eunsang, and potentially the rest of BDC members.
    So if the Intersection series marks the end of BDC, then at least we got to see the trio making their mark in kpop with what I must say is the most consistent music series we have seen.

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    • I don’t follow agencies so much, so I had to look it up who else is on Brand New Music. They have or had the duo MXM which they rolled up to Ab6six with more boys incl my bias Lee Dae Hwi. Neither of these have had particularly strong traction in the market, so it will be interesting to if BNM reshuffles the groups and rolls them up further or starts over. Who knows.


  7. I told someone on YouTube that they couldn’t go wrong if they started with BDC songs that “Moon” in the title. I am pleased to see I am still right.


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