Song Review: CL – Lover Like Me

CL - Lover Like MeSeveral weeks after pre-release Spicy, CL is back with the second taste of her upcoming album Alpha. Lover Like Me was penned by English singer/songwriter Anne-Marie, who has had tremendous success in Korea with her song 2002. I’m not sure what it is that made 2002 such a massive hit in the country, but it’s still charting years after its release. To sum it up, this collaboration feels very smart from a commercial perspective.

Lover Like Me also does a good job showcasing CL’s various charms. While Spicy showcased her skills as a rapper, Lover allows for focus on her vocals. This duality has always been one of CL’s biggest assets, and powered many a 2NE1 classic. I wouldn’t put Lover Like Me up there with the best of her material, but its emotional approach definitely piques interest for the album.

Musically, the song echoes much of the sounds found in global Top 40 fare over the past few years. The beats are languid and chill, augmented by trap hi-hats and atmospheric synths. The instrumental mostly stays out of the way until forming a muted drop during the chorus. There’s not much of a hook here, but the titular refrain is still catchy. The verses are more dynamic, with CL delivering an impassioned rebuke. She sounds great – simultaneously fiery and vulnerable. A late-song rap verse switches up the structure and works especially well against the skeletal beat. Lover Like Me’s whole is greater than its parts, but I still think CL is in search of her magnum opus.

 Hooks 8
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


6 thoughts on “Song Review: CL – Lover Like Me

  1. Nah, sorry but this song is a vibe. Really, really good but it probably appeals to a younger market, so I imagine a lot of slightly older kpop fans won’t like it because it doesn’t sound like the same old boring 1st gen old rope. Still that’s why I like kpop there’s plenty of material for everyone to enjoy even those who can’t let go of that nostalgia bug. 8.5/10 xx


    • (I will also add that Anne Marie “2002” still on the Gaon is also mystifying, but hey so was “Every day, every moment” and “Like it”, so like, whatev.)


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