Song Review: DreamNote – Ghost

Dreamnote - Ghost
While DreamNote’s title tracks have been pretty inconsistent, they’ve shown a marked improvement over time. I didn’t care for their debut at all, but follow-up Hakuna Matata ended up being one of my favorites of 2019. We last heard from the girls pre-pandemic – almost two years ago. I worry that the ensuing restrictions stole the wind from their agency’s sails and the funding from their bank account. Small groups have struggled during this time, so it’s heartening to see DreamNote make a long-awaited return.

For Ghost, the girls have switched concepts. Last year’s Wish hinted at an edgier sound, but Ghost blows that wide open. Given what we’ve heard this year, I didn’t expect a group like DreamNote to come back with something that sounds like a second-gen boy group track! You’ll get no complaints here, since this is a K-pop sound I’m very fond of. Less-known groups like DreamNote need to set themselves apart from the pack, and Ghost is a great start. It’s also well-timed, bringing a spooky sound to this final week of October. The verses have a creeping energy, pounding forward with hearty percussion. From here, the song swirls into an incantation of a pre-chorus, slowing the energy before the chorus comes crashing in.

I’m a big fan of this hook. The vocal layering is off-kilter in a good way, forging the girls’ voices into a larger-than-life force. The melodies are simple but surprising, and the whole segment is arranged with power and impact. I don’t know how the song will age once we’ve passed Halloween, but for now this is a fun and welcome transition in DreamNote’s sound.

 Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75

7 thoughts on “Song Review: DreamNote – Ghost

  1. Yeah! Its pretty good! Its like if Dreamcatcher were to do a girl crush flavor, the result would be something like this. Or if a girl crush concept were to cover a Dreamcatcher song.

    Darling daughter plays Pixy “Bewitched” a lot which is similar spooky theme, bside off their album from last week. .

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  2. Woah this is really quite good. What an unexpected gem.

    They clearly had no budget for this MV… I think the company made the correct choice by taking a big risk and switching up their concept entirely. I hope it pays off. It’d be great to see these girls succeed.

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  3. Yup, I’m onboard this train. “Night” is less interesting but still a solid jam. I was expecting JUST B to be my late entry to the top tracks of the month, but here we are.


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