Song Review: MJ (Astro) – Get Set Yo (ft. Kim Taeyeon)

Trot music doesn’t often pop up on this blog, despite the genre being a huge part of the Korean music industry. Some artists cross over and blend trot with more typically “K-pop” aspects, such as Hong Jinyoung. Others don’t perform on weekly music shows at all. It’s rare for an idol to make a debut with trot music, but Astro’s MJ already has connections within the genre. Being the “mood-maker” of his group, this exuberant sound also feels well-suited to his personality.

Debut solo single Get Set Yo (계세요) blurs the line between trot and straight-up funk pop. It would be a blast at a party or festival, and delivers a strong shot of energy. The whole package comes a little too close to novelty for my taste, but it’s delightful to hear a soloist emerge with such an upbeat sound.

MJ enlists trot singer Kim Taeyeon for a brief addition that’s sure to snag credibility within the genre. Other than that, this is the MJ show and he fuels the track with buckets of personality. As expected, the vocal thrives on affectations. But, it’s not as broad a performance as it could have been. That’s an asset that makes Get Set Yo feel unique to MJ rather than some gimmicky comedy track. I appreciate the robust instrumental – particularly when electric guitar joins the party. And while the chorus becomes a bit repetitive after too long, its bounding enthusiasm is hard to resist. More than anything, Get Set Yo finds a successful template to blend the trot and pop worlds together. Maybe we should call it “trop?”

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


7 thoughts on “Song Review: MJ (Astro) – Get Set Yo (ft. Kim Taeyeon)

  1. Had to download this after hearing Kim Taeyeon’s voice 😧 Didn’t know who she was until now, but wow she has such a lovely voice and she’s only 9???


  2. I really dig seeing this sort of crossover (except the Itzy/Kim Davi song that wasn’t a trot song). I always prefer watching the trot songs over ballads on music shows. Trot is such a idiosyncratic genre and I love how intergenerational it is.

    I think this is super fun and, in a way, a nice follow-up to the funk-pop of the group’s “After Midnight.” Love seeing these continued promotions and opportunities for Astro, but Fantagio…please give WekiMeki a comeback!!

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  3. I know! Isn’t it weird how we the international fans mostly ignore the other two-thirds of the Korean music market. Idols a third, Trot a third, and OST/ballads a third. And then we get so caught up in the little groups which sometimes barely register on the Korean charts. The trot and ballads can earn more of a living than most of the idols we stan, as its just a cheaper genre to produce and there is a wider demand for the performers at all sorts of little events. iirc from the Unnies super sister power show (whatever it was called), Hong Jinyoung can do a half dozen little events a day.

    Trot to me sounds like pop polka with extra sequins.

    This song here. Normally, with my western ears, I would say this sounds like it is over thinking what should be a funner song. With a trot lens, yeah, its probably a good move for him.

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  4. I adore MJ, good for him for getting a solo debut! Of course he would go with a funky pop (trot?) song over a coffehouse ballad and I love that about him.

    The girl featuring is amazing! So young but so good – and their interactions in the MV are so cute. Overall the song is not that much of a standout, but it’s fun so I’m here for it.

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