Song Review: SF9 – Savior

SF9 - SaviorOkay, I’ve had my fun (?) with these Universe releases and their half-mvs. Universe has actually gotten better at uploading the full videos to YouTube (whether we want them or not!), but it’s hard to get excited about a K-pop product that feels like a total afterthought.

With that in mind, I’m going to let you form your own review using some of my most common Bias List clichés. Can you find all ten that are hidden in the puzzle below?

Bias List Puzzle

Also… this song is okay, if completely generic. The second verse kind of slaps.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25

22 thoughts on “Song Review: SF9 – Savior

  1. Qajliet Rigjpaumn Upyme singtalaky and the fact is that SF9’s rasstoas


    Ngl Nick, most intellectual thing in this universe would be an understatement for my brilliant review.

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  2. Ah, these universe review days are a total blast. Anyways,

    1. Farty brass
    2. Vaguely melodic
    3. Bluster
    4. Bombast
    5. Singtalk
    6. Angst
    7. Plodding
    8. Moody

    My brain doesn’t seem to process the rest. Or we could just say I’m a bit lazy??


  3. once upon a time, the universe employees kidnapped the sf9 boys and a producer to create this song for their shitty app. in the production studio, they made the moody producer shove a vuvuzela up his ass to make a farty brass loop. then they shat out some bluster, angst and bombast and splattered it all over the track, giving it a really putrid vocal arrangement and a vaguely melodic tune. after the universe employees untied the poor boys from the dungeon and brought them to the recording studio, they forced them to shout out some singtalk and more bluster to cover up the fact this isn’t really a good song they’re singing. once they were done, the universe employees released the sad and fitful boys from the building to be reunited with their peers who were also forced to do the same thing as them.

    *whispers* jyp

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  4. An angstral bocsfir of a song, indeed. But then I maintain that most everything would sound like a sagy ondem after Tesseract.

    Also, I second the idea of a story for the next Universe song.

    I mean, your reviews are on average some 260 words long. You can write quite a lot of story in 260 words. Believe me, I’ve tried (Poor Baejin *shudders*) Anyways… Nick-ssi, fighting!


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