Song Review: Wonpil (DAY6) – Voiceless

Wonpil - VoicelessDAY6 are the latest act to navigate K-pop’s tricky enlistment-imposed hiatus. With member Jae taking his own leave from the group and Sungjin, Young K and Dowoon all currently serving, that leaves lead vocal/keyboardist Wonpil to pursue solo efforts. Unfortunately, the guy just tested positive for covid, forcing cancellation for most promotions of debut solo album Pilmography.

This is awful timing, and I definitely don’t want to kick sand in the wound. So, I’ll admit that Voiceless (안녕, 잘 가) is simply not a song for me. It was never going to be, honestly. I’m not entirely ballad-averse, but this kind of subdued, quiet ballad is rarely my thing. I prefer a more dynamic arrangement. Voiceless feels closer to a classic Korean OST. These certainly have their place (and their fanbase), but they aren’t the kind of track that pulls me in.

On a positive note, I’ve always loved Wonpil’s voice. In fact, his tone may be my favorite among DAY6 members. It’s instantly recognizable, and surprisingly powerful. He delivers Voiceless very well, adding drive to the song’s looping melody. I’m surprised he didn’t opt for a more keyboard/piano-driven instrumental given his role within the group, but perhaps the album includes synthier moments. It’s become something of a pattern for DAY6 to promote ballads even with more daring sounds on the album itself. Either way, I’m sure Voiceless will appeal to fans. I consider myself a fan too, but I’m hoping Wonpil has more striking musical ideas to offer down the line.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 6

5 thoughts on “Song Review: Wonpil (DAY6) – Voiceless

  1. Weirdly, this feels kind of like the end of an era for me. From the first week(!) I listened to K-Pop, DAY6 was always my obvious favorite, to the point I’d tell friends I had X temporary favorite, but also DAY6 as a permanent fixture atop the list. In recent years, though, that’s shifted — I can’t name any song off Negentropy or any Even of Day song at all. This release, although it’s not technically the band’s, lets me accept that I can swap around my list a little bit (as much as Wonpil kills his performance). Hardly a thing to get emotional about, but strange to realize.

    (That said, some things never change! They’ve still got far and away the best vocal lineup in the industry — counting Jae, nebulous as his involvement is right now — and I still listen to miscellaneous stuff like Young K’s Viva La Vida cover at least once every week or so.)

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  2. I personally love the bsides in this album a lot, especially a journey (wonpils personal fav), last goodbye and unpainted canvas. Even tho voiceless is not my fav, it’s not bad either ~ it’s starting to grow on me


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