Song Review: Nu’est – Again, Spring

Nu'est - Needle & BubbleAll good things must come to an end, and Nu’est have decided to bow out on their own terms. The release of Again, Spring (다시, 봄) marks their final single before disbandment, couched within a greatest hits album. It’s difficult writing about a song like this because the focus is directed more toward sentiment than songwriting. This is entirely appropriate, but if I’m being honest few of these “farewell” songs are very interesting.

Nu’est have had a turbulent run. Debuting in 2012 with tons of hype, they were held up as competitors with same-year peers EXO and B.A.P. As the years went on, their popularity waned and Pledis Entertainment didn’t know what to do with them. When they made a return in 2016 with a new sound and more creative control, their music seemed destined to become a K-pop footnote. But against all odds, the group leveraged the mighty power of the Produce 101 franchise to reignite their momentum — first as a sub-unit, then as a full group. Post-Produce, Nu’est became more popular than ever and enjoyed an ‘elder statesman’ type respect from the industry. But like I said, all good things must come to an end.

Again, Spring is an absolutely fine farewell. Its surging, emotional sound is exactly what I expected to hear. I would have loved to see the guys go out with a more daring bow, but I certainly can’t blame them for dialing things back. The track melds piano balladry with anthemic touches that add a welcome sense of catharsis. The guys sound incredible, and the song offers ample spotlight for their voices — as predictable as it may be. My ho-hum rating for Again, Spring belies the strength of Nu’est’s career. It’s been a fantastic run and they should be very proud.

Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8


9 thoughts on “Song Review: Nu’est – Again, Spring

  1. It’s hard to grasp the suddenness of the disbandment – it’s not like it wasn’t a possibility, but it’s strange to think ten years have come to an end so easily in a matter of two weeks – without a proper farewell, remastering of a few songs but not really stuff that fans have been asking for like Nu’est W songs or older ones, rushed promotions (which seem to be targeted towards celebrating their tenth anniversary milestone instead… Pledis I will never understand you), and the lack of a proper performance for the two new songs released today or a proper round of farewells like Sistar did or a farewell concert.

    But that said, this still appears to be a disbandment on their own terms, and so all I hope for is that the members continue to shine – hopefully with music, because all of them have great potential as soloists I feel (especially Baekho and Ren). I agree that much of my reaction to Again Spring is emotional and sentimental, but even otherwise I would have really liked this (and Galaxy) for what it is. In another world, I could have seen these songs be a joyful celebration of their tenth anniversary – ten years through their incredibly unique and difficult journey, with all five of them being so young (no enlistments yet!). But today’s vibe makes it sadder and nostalgic, but I’m glad for the undercurrent of hope that’s still present in the melody.

    Bumzu posted a picture and mentioned all five Nu’est members today – it’s strange to grasp that this musical collaboration of so many years is over, truly the end of an era. They had a sound for themselves that might not have been to everyone’s taste, but which will be hard to be replicated in the industry.

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  2. It was great knowing NU’EST, I wish the members the best in their future ventures.

    Just some predictions on those future ventures:

    Baekho – Producer
    Minhyun – Soloist
    Ren – Musical Actor
    JR – Actor
    Aron – Potentially leaving the industry, he was initially supposed to be a journalist, and has shown interest in academics. Could become an indie musician.

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    • I think Baekho is almost guaranteed to go the producer route. With rumors of Pledis debuting a new BG this year, it would be cool to see him produce for them. Similar to how Shannon from Pristin has made a few songs for Fromis_9 recently.

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  3. Agora que comecei à ama-los eles se separam,confesso que chorei bastante, e ouvindo, e vendo esse vídeo chorei, mas ainda. Tudo que me resta é orar e torcer por todos eles. Eles continuará sendo o meu grupo favorito.


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