Song Review: Miyavi – Strike It Out

Miyavi - Strike It OutMiyavi’s Strike It Out premiered at the very beginning of this year, and I assumed it would remain an OST without additional promotion. I don’t often write “buried treasure” posts for J-pop, but this would have been an easy contender. All’s well that ends well, because I get to cover Strike It Out months later thanks to a new music video that ties killer imagery to this already-fantastic track.

If you enjoy one Miyavi song, you’ll probably love them all. He has such a recognizable style. Gritty, dynamic guitar meets cathartic hooks and searing vocals. His music often embraces intense emotion, going for the jugular in a way that’s so compelling. Strike It Out plays like one long climax, climbing and climbing without end. Both verse and pre-chorus offer the sense of build that’s usually doled out sparingly in pop tracks. Strummed guitar meets electric riffs to craft a varied tapestry that’s big but never boring. Similarly, rap and vocals meld together to ensure a steady sense of movement.

If Strike It Out’s verses deliver constant acceleration, the song’s chorus becomes a series of exclamation marks, sucker punching the listener with relentless fury. This isn’t Miyavi’s most melodic track, but its structure is taut and it’s delivered exceptionally well. You know I love my anthems, and he’s one of the few artists I can always count on to deliver. Strike It Out is immense, and will have you feeling like you can conquer entire worlds.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 10


5 thoughts on “Song Review: Miyavi – Strike It Out

  1. Ooh! I discovered Miyavi last year thorough the review of Gravity which I absolutely loved and so I was quick to go listen to this one! That chorus is so releasing! The wya the guitar and the vocal energy rises is so good! The anime cut was pretty good as well and this is definitely the kinda song that can hype you up!


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