Every NINE MUSES Single Ranked: From Worst to Best

Every NINE MUSES Single Ranked - From Worst to BestI’ve listed my “top tens” for many artists, but it’s time to rummage through entire discographies and rank every single from worst to best. This feature will primarily tackle groups who have disbanded or gone on indefinite hiatus. It’s a way for me to re-evaluate my initial thoughts on their singles run. Don’t be surprised if the order has changed from past countdowns. These things are always in flux!

15. Remember (2019)

Nine Muses have two singles called Remember. This is the sad, “we’re disbanding” one.

14. No Playboy (2010)

An inauspicious debut. We had no idea what was coming.

13. Lip 2 Lip (9Muses A) (2016)

A sub-unit track that melds seamlessly with the group’s overall discography. (original review)

12. Sleepless Night (2015)

In the Nine Muses equation, Sweetune > Brave Brothers. But, this is still totally satisfying.

11. Love City (2017)

An off-kilter banger, right as you might expect the group to start slowing down. (original review)

10. Drama (2015)

A brassy reinvention that marked the beginning of a new era.

9. Remember (2017)

What a juggernaut of a chorus. (original review)

8. Gun (2013)

Sweetune and surf guitar? Yes, please!

7. Dolls (2013)

The word “bop” has been thrown around so much it’s lost all meaning, but Dolls is the template. It’s a B-O-P.

6. Glue (2013)

Adding an extra spoonful of funk to the recipe never hurts.

5. News (2012)

Breaking News: this is peak Sweetune goodness.

4. Wild (2013)

Adding propulsive bite to their repertoire, Wild attacks like a coiled snake.

3. Ticket (2012)

Ticket ONE WAY! Ticket ONE WAY! One way, one way, one way TICKET!!

2. Figaro (2011)

If that epic electro beat doesn’t get you, the mammoth chorus surely will. It’s got brassy synth for days. (original review)

1. Hurt Locker (2015)

In a possibly controversial choice, my favorite track isn’t a Sweetune one!! I’ll just never get over how this chorus stretches up to the heavens.

9 thoughts on “Every NINE MUSES Single Ranked: From Worst to Best

  1. My order:
    01. Figaro
    02. Dolls
    03. Drama
    04. Ticket
    05. News
    06. Gun
    07. Glue
    08. Lip 2 Lip
    09. Sleepless Night
    10. Hurt Locker
    11. Wild
    12. Remember (2017)
    13. No Playboy
    14. Remember (2019)
    15. Love City

    There’s at least a paragraph worth of text I could attach to each song on why it is listed in that order, But I’ll save you all from having to read it.

    Ask me tomorrow and the order may shift a bit, but the top 3 are locked in. If you notice, I tend to prefer the earliest releases. That’s because those were released by the original muses. I understand that group rosters may change throughout a groups entire run, but the roster changes in nine muses were.. ..disheartening. After Sera left (2014), I remained a “MINE” (fandom), but the group wasn’t the same. Gyeongree became my new bias because she’s got “it” factor by the bucket load. I faithfully awaited each new release and cheered for their continued success. Still, part of me felt like Nine Muses ended back when Miss Ryu left.

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  2. a memory of lip2lip being released came up recently and i have been thinking about 9muses a lot so this was a welcome sign! i’m firmly hold glue / ticket / wild as my favorite 9muses titles but hurt locker does soar like you said so i respect it as the number one.

    i miss them a lot nowadays (also in general, this year kpop has been not my speed. at least where we are now in releases) so going back to their discography is a treat!

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  3. for me it’s figaro, glue, news as top three, followed by wild and dolls.
    although shh!, action, and miss agent would be up there if album tracks were included.

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  4. So happy to have groups that I know all the titles of….

    my list would be

    15. disbandment remember
    14.No playboy
    11.love city
    10.Hurt locker
    9.Sleepless nights

    I never really got into hurt locker, I understand what people like but the song does uplift my mood at all. Still better than a lot of girl group songs these days

    4 member nine muses just didn’t work as well as the 9 member one (you know the one I mean).

    1 to 7 can be different every single day. Great line up of songs

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  5. One of the strongest runs for singles.

    15. Remember (Disbandment)
    14. Sleepless Nights
    13. Love City
    12. Remember
    11. No PlayBoy
    10. Lip2Lip
    9. Drama
    8. Gun
    7. Hurt Locker
    6. Wild
    5. Glue
    4. Dolls
    3. News
    2. Figaro
    1. Ticket

    I liked Ticket back in the day, but it has grown on me over the years to become my favourite. I just love how intense it is.

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  6. I got really into Nine Muses recently after watching a medley of dances Sera did on her Youtube channel.

    1. Wild (one of the first kpop songs I really loved. Great how the synths go for harsh buzzes and seesaw sounds, “Step”-style.)

    2. News (wish it had more melodies because of how good they are)

    3. Gun (what a flawlessly executed concept)

    4. Dolls (the lightness combined with the ennui-laden lyrics are lovely)

    5. Love City (harsh vocal effects are almost as epic as harsh instrumentals)

    6. Lip 2 Lip (I have recently discovered that I like anything ska-pop)

    7. Remember: OG (goes for a false sense of security then lunges for your throat; if more songs did that I’d be happy. Also I like how it sounds like it was recorded in a high-quality bathtub; very evocative.)

    8. Hurt Locker (not as bright as I tend to like my summer songs, but torrential in power)

    9. Sleepless Night (one of the best slow vibe songs out there; nice keys)

    10. Glue (great chorus; I have a pet peeve with vocoder though)

    11. Figaro (never stuck with me as much as it did for others; seems “lighter” vocally than their other stuff)

    12. Ticket (same as above—never clicked with the melody. Prechorus is a favorite though.)

    13. Drama (#1 in costuming though)

    14. Remember: disbandment edition (I don’t really know anyone who likes this song)

    15. No Playboy (I don’t really know anyone who likes this song either; also I personally find it somewhat grating)

    If I had to pick a word to describe Nine Muses’s music, it’s be “layered.”

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