Song Review: BAE173 – Jaws

BAE173 - JawsDespite their rookie status, BAE173 haven’t released much music. We last heard from them nearly a year ago, when they delivered the anthemic Loved You. That song wasn’t perfect, but it had a classic touch and melodic though-line that made it stand out. With new single Jaws, the group has switched gears dramatically, opting for a clattering hip-hop banger in a familiar NCT style.

I’m sorry to see this. I think it’s a shame when rookie groups feel like they have to wedge themselves into existing trends rather than carve their own niche in the industry. I understand why agencies do this (and judging by Jaw’s music video, MBK Entertainment is clearly operating on a budget), but it makes things pretty boring for listeners. It’s like a pick-and-mix with only one choice to pick and nothing to mix. In this case, agencies are struggling to please anyone who doesn’t enjoy this noisy sound.

The thing is, there’s a decent song swimming around inside Jaws. The hip-hop verses are pretty good – even underlined by that aggravating instrumental. The guys’ vocals sound better than ever during the pre-chorus – strong and well-arranged. However, Jaws’ chorus is overly busy. Loud, shouty hooks aren’t automatically a bad thing, but when you throw a million things on top of a chorus at once, it just devolves into a wall of noise. None of the elements within this instrumental are particularly enjoyable on their own. Taken together, they’re a recipe for a headache. It’s too bad, because the actual hook is pretty catchy. Mostly, I’m confused about who MBK wants BAE173 to be. From Crush On U to Loved You to Jaws, there’s been no stylistic continuity.

Hooks 7
 Production 6
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

13 thoughts on “Song Review: BAE173 – Jaws

    • Consistency is not something K-pop keeps in touch with nowadays.
      I know how we clown CRAVITY in this site and for good reason too, but you have to give it to the guys that they developed their own niche.


  1. Plzzz try to review their bside Annoyed if you don’t consider it a buried treasure then they’ll release an mv for it and maybe you can review that but it needs exposure so they don’t do songs like this anymore 😭 it’s an MBK group that comes back once a year the last MBK bg barely lasted 3y plz.

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  2. It’s not like I begrudge artists their popularity and it’s not their fault whatsoever, but certain artists getting as popular as they have has had such bad consequences on the industry as a whole.

    If I went into this without knowing who did it, BAE137 would not even be in the top 20 of guesses.

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      • I get BAE!&# on my keyboard. Actually, its an improvement on the name.

        Bae bang and pound. (which sounds better than Bae bang and hash)
        BAE!&* = Bae bang and star (178) is also not bad.

        I’m still waiting on SP_ACE and V.lanc to make appearances.


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