Song Review: ILY:1 – Love In Bloom

ILY1 - Love In BloomThe pool for K-pop idol group names has been so emptied that agencies are simply grafting random letters, numbers and symbols together. I’m going to quote ILY:1’s fandom page because I’m kind of obsessed with how much this reads as parody:

“Their name is a combination of the word “I” and suffix “-ly,” while the “1” represents each member’s unique charm coming together as one. Additionally, “ILY” is an acronym for “I Love You”, representing the group’s love to the fans who support them.” (source)

When an industry becomes this easy to parody, we’re in trouble. But, I’m not going to hold ILY:1’s silly name against them. It’s not like the girls got to choose. As oversaturated as the K-pop market has become, new voices are always welcome. And although debut single Love In Bloom (사랑아 피어라) doesn’t offer anything new, it’s a solid take on the trop-pop genre.

I tend to complain about trends while they’re in full swing but appreciate them a few years later. If you followed The Bias List throughout 2017, you suffered through me raging against “tropical synth squiggles” for months on end. But looking back, that popular trend resulted in some great pop tracks. In 2022, the approach feels almost novel, giving ILY:1 a robust template to work with. I appreciate the full sound of Love In Bloom and its emphasis on vocal melody. So far, nothing about the group emerges as particularly notable, but the track bops along without reprieve. In this way, its straightforward sound is refreshing. Bring some stronger hooks next time and we could be in for a real treat.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8
 RATING 7.75


10 thoughts on “Song Review: ILY:1 – Love In Bloom

  1. I also had to look up how we should pronounce ILY1. It looks like ILL-ee-one, and hey wow I was right 아일리원. Also today I have learned that Onewe is 원위 in hangul, which also makes sense. ‘

    Oh right, this song. Is this their debut? As we say in the south, bless their hearts. Nope, unlike Nick, I am not fondly missing the tropical trend. I enjoy a small sampling of songs from then, but I am done.

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  2. Hey Nick, you might really enjoy their B-side Azalea – it’s very reminiscent of early GFRIEND to me and honestly the direction I hope ILY:1 takes in the future.

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    • It really does have an early Gfriend vibe!! There were so many parts where it reminded me of Rough! Azalea has a very jpop like flavor to it and I really liked it! I felt their rapping shone in the title track while here their vocal parts shone!


  3. I’m enjoying this song way more than I thought I would. It progresses wonderfully with the way the energy ramps up throughout the song. One of the metrics that reveals if I like a song is when it ends and I ask myself, “Huh, it’s over already?” That tells me that I was enjoying myself (liked the music/singing), that there wasn’t anything jarring (like sudden shifts in completely different directions), that I stayed interested (not lapsing off into other thoughts), and, ultimately, that I wanted more.

    Overall, I give it 4 “Likey”s out of 5.

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  4. Wow, this song is like Gfriend mixed with Izone. While it didn’t blow me away,
    it does sound very fresh and energetic. Really glad to see a new group going for a brighter, more elegant concept.

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  5. Listening to this right after listening to big bang really shows how much kpop has changed.

    I really don’t have much hope for the group. They’re vocals are so high pitched and cute sounding. I don’t find it appealing when most members in a group sing this way.

    The rapper was cool though, and the dance break was a nice treat. I think the video does a good job supporting the song. It also feels really vibrant, even for kpop,


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