Reviewing Every KIS-MY-FT2 Single: Kiss Damashii

Kiss DamashiiIn honor of Kis-My-Ft2’s complete videography being uploaded to YouTube (in edited form, of course…), I can’t resist writing about each single. To put this in context for Bias List readers, Kis-My-Ft2 (or Kisumai, as they’re often known) are my J-pop version of Infinite. That’s how much I love them and their discography.

Yet, I rarely write about them because finding online links to their music was so hard… until now!

Kiss Damashii (2015)

It’s Kisumai’s first single of 2015, and they’re back to their rock-infused roots for the wonderful Kiss Damashii. This is a style of in-your-face power pop Johnny’s acts deliver so well. The song brings a harder edge, though it’s still couched in a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor.

The song gets going from the first second with walls of noisy guitars. This riff will have your fist pumping in the air as Kiss Damashii launches into its explosive rap verse. I love the balance of rap and singing in this track. The verses set up the anthemic pre-chorus perfectly, which builds into the shout-from-the-rooftops chorus without skipping a beat. It all climaxes in a blistering guitar solo that segues into a fun bit of interplay from the members. Then, we’re back to the catchy “ah ah ah” refrain that opened the track. It’s such a potent blast of adrenaline. I think this is one of Kisumai’s easiest songs to get into.

I love the black and white composition of the music video. It does a good job highlighting the point choreography, which is among Kisumai’s most iconic routines. It’s always fun watching them pull off this “badass” concept. Some members are definitely more convincing than others, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Hooks 9
 Production 10
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 9.25

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