Song Review: Kim Sung Kyu – Savior

Kim Sung Kyu - SaviorAfter a year away, Infinite’s Kim Sung Kyu has returned with his first new album since signing with agency Double H TNE. Since his exit from Woollim Entertainment, he’s assembled a band and launched a YouTube channel, but his music remains quite consistent with past releases. New single Savior could easily feature on any of his albums.

My love for Sung Kyu’s voice is no secret. He’s one half of the super power vocal duo that anchored Infinite’s robust sound (fellow main vocal Nam Woohyun is also out with a new OST today), and his evocative tone can elevate pretty much any track. On its face, Savior is a straightforward piece of soft rock. But, it’s arranged well and Sung Kyu delivers a gutsy performance that makes the whole experience engaging.

Savior has a driving energy, present from the start as keys forge a steady rhythm. From here, the track snowballs with additional elements. Whether it’s a flourish of drums or an influx of crunchy guitar, the instrumental carries a spontaneity that keeps Savior compelling. Meanwhile, the melody circles itself, with both verse and chorus sharing a similar vibe and structure. Backing vocals give the hook prominence, but we don’t hear the big transitions we’ve become used to in a post-EDM world. It would be easy for a track like this to become monotonous, and I do think it could do with a little more oomph. But, Savior is a pleasant victory lap for an artist who has held steady to his unique voice and musical perspective.

Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 8
 Bias 9


4 thoughts on “Song Review: Kim Sung Kyu – Savior

    • I am so starved for kpop these days, I will take the Nam Woo Hyun OST too. Its the high energy-type OST song, the one with the hero running through the street after the heroine style montage. Also not ground breaking, but the guy can sing, and I miss that, real singing.


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