Song Review: E’Last – Creature

E'Last - RoarE’Last’s Dark Dream took awhile to grow on me, but once it did I found myself quite engrossed in its dramatic, symphonic sound. That song struggled with a shifting of energy and structure, but always brought things back with its knockout chorus. Because of this, I was ready for anything the group dished out with Creature. As long as they delivered another chorus like that, we’d be in the clear.

Unfortunately, Creature jettisons many of the elements I’ve loved about E’Last’s past work. The symphonic influences are still present, but relegated to the edges of the song. And the chorus? Well…

More on that later, because before we hit Creature’s hook we’ve got some verses to get through. The track kicks off with squeaky sample. To me, it sounds like a flute being strangled. It’s pretty irritating, but doesn’t last long. Instead, we move into a rather generic verse. The melody is clipped and doesn’t build to much, eventually surrendering to a brief volley of rap. The pre-chorus retains some of the theatrical weight E’Last have built their name on, but struggles to find an engaging melody.

Creature’s chorus pulls way back, delivering one of those anti-drop hooks that feels as if you’re crumpling the song into a ball to start all over again. I can appreciate the skill behind this style of production, but I don’t care for the approach. The guys deliver some great vocals, and the chorus eventually builds back up. But, Creature is too piecemeal to be satisfying. And without the centerpiece that made Dark Dream soar, there’s not much to look forward to.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7

21 thoughts on “Song Review: E’Last – Creature

  1. Another one.

    OK, so, for this one they put in empty space in the chorus to create tension. I will argue they should have leaned even more into that. The snare still hits 2 4 beat in the 1 2 3 4. What if it dropped out 4 and no vocal, just slight shifts in the head and shoulders in the choreo, a few bars of that. And then add back in the snare on the 4 and the vocal.

    The rest of it meets expectations.

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  2. *facepalm*
    This was so disappointing. Incredibly disappointing: its chorus (first half of it) is completely tuneless except for a few “I’m a creature” farts, and I find the song itself really dull and EXTREMELY generic. Even 7.5 seems too much for a track like this, in my opinion. 6/10 for me.

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  3. Where is my truckload of E’Last crazy teen opera? I hope the b sides are better. Speaking of growing on me, that Eddie Cochran guitar on WEi’s Too Bad has made me fall in love with that song.

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  4. It’s kinda unbelievable how most boy groups delivered much better b-sides than title tracks in this 2022 so far. Poison would have been such a stronger choice in terms of groove, sound and artistic production…
    This is getting SO annoying, although sales seem to be rising higher and higher album by album for every involved act.

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  5. I have written multiple comments on bg reviews lately which I later scrap as to not become a repetitive black hole of negativity in the comment sections. They usually go along the lines of “Is this a competition to who has the worst chorus” or “did people stop curating vocals in the studio?” While below mediocre vocals are not a problem with E’Last (an exception in these new bgs), bad title tracks used to not be a problem either. This chorus feels worse than jikjin and this one doesn’t even have the meme factor to rely on. Alas, it is what it is.


    • Trust me, I’ve been holding back as well since I already feel like a lot of recent reviews are coming off as negative. What has happened to boy group trends these past few months?!?

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    • The struggle is real. The daily mantra to find something nice to say. There are a few times on occasion when I just scroll on by.

      I’m just wondering where the Elast guy with the voice like Ryeowook disappear to. That is all I want in life right now.

      Its also a quantity problem. I think Korean and kpop got hit really hard by the omicron wave, and so we just don’t have as many releases to get to the quality at the upper end. A sampling problem in statistics, so to speak.

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      • Part of me hopes the return of studio audiences to music shows and other events will result in more songs that are fun to sing along with.

        I also fully realize I’m grasping at straws, here!


        • It’s the balance of being critical and respectful. Critical, because that is what you do here. Respectful, because these songs and videos take a lot of time, money, and effort.

          I don’t think the music shows with or without audiences drive quality. I think quality songs light up and drive the music shows which having an audience augments. There are some average songs that are elevated by a superior performance, but these are the exception. For example, Charli XCX “Baby” on SNL last month. Song itself is OK, meets expectations. Those dancers sell the shit out of the song, so much so even I went and bought the song anyway, so that when I hear it I can go all left blonde.

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  6. “one of those anti-drop hooks that feels as if you’re crumpling the song into a ball to start all over again” is incredible phrasing. A wordsmith!

    Title kinda sucks, album is significantly better – tale as old as time at this point.

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  7. elast… this isnt you honey look at me in the eyes this isnt the real you……. i will just act like muse is the new tt tbh and this song never existed

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  8. Why is every boy group song so stop and go these days? When momentum is on its side it suddenly pisses it away with a half-time breakdown/pause and for what. It’s a complaint I have with lots of otherwise fine songs.

    Also it’s not the most offensive thing in the world but if I could never hear that skittering percussion again…

    This song isn’t horrible and I’ve heard worse synth samples (much as KARD’s “Bomb Bomb” has grown on me that song is still the worst offender in that regard) but ugh…


  9. The song is definitely not as stand out as their past titles, but I don’t dislike it. Once I expect the anti drop the chorus becomes more satisfying. Overall, their performance stages make the song better.

    Sadly, I wish they included more of the strings they added in toward the end. I’m about to listen to the whole album, so I hope there are some bright b sides like I love!


    • Oh yes I like the discography as a whole BLESS. I like the upbeat energy of desire and I love Shelter. Shelter sounds more like E’Last than the title track so I recommend it. ❤️




  11. Just when I was thinking “Whats Nick on about now?” the song came to a screeching halt to deliver – what? What does it mean? What’s a creature and why should I find it menacing? Are we talking big jungle cat, squeaky doormouse, or rampaging Orc? Could we be more specific? Oh well, no doubt I’ll forgive them and put this on rotation.


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