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Open Discussion (May 1, 2022)

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This week’s question:

Pick a bias group. If you could decide everything about their next comeback, what would you do? Concept? Producers? Genre?

74 thoughts on “Open Discussion (May 1, 2022)

  1. My Pick: Golden Child

    My pitch:

    Well, obviously I’d like them to reunite with Sweetune on a track like The Chaser, but beyond that pipe dream I’m going for something a little more off the beaten path.

    I’d like Golcha to be the group to bring producers-extraordinaire Xenomania into the K-pop fold. Their fluid, ultra-catchy production style is perfect for K-pop – especially for groups with many members.

    I want a bright concept, but something with more edge than their debut era. Let’s retain a rock influence and bring in soaring melodies that take advantage of the group’s vocals. Give it a retro spin and you’d end up with something like a male version of Girls Aloud’s Miss You Bow Wow (one of Xenomania’s many triumphs).

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  2. My Bias group would be ateez , and as fever series has come to an end and they are gearing up for a comeback in july, i want them to kinda go to their roots? Like fever was good but i miss treasure, the whole series was just awesome!
    Ateez already have a producing team, EDENARY , and i would like the members to take more part this time in producing, and i am waiting dearly for solo songs like in DC latest album on their future albums or unit songs like skz or Golcha!

    Genre can be anything except retro (too much of it in 2021)

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  3. Txt
    I’d like them to have another “Run Away” song, or something really anthemic like BTS’s Fire.
    something upbeat, energetic, and with creative choreography
    and preferably with only hitman bang and in-house producers working on the album.

    actually for HYBE artists as well, imagine, them going back to having killer songs without having to have 10+ writers/producers credited

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    • I’m so excited to read your review and see how you’re gonna rate TXT’s Thursday’s child. and how it is going to fare with kpopalypse as well.

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  4. Given their recent queendom run (and the fact Nick snagged Golcha already 😖), I’ll go LOONA.

    Ever since becoming a group they’ve been all over the place. Jaden’s departure seemed to send the group into an identity crisis and they still haven’t fully recovered. BUT NOW THAT WILL CHANGE.

    Project will be a full because they’ve been around for nearly 4 years atp.

    The producers at the helm are the Monotree squad mostly but someone like I’d hope for a music direction that, while similar to LOONA’s older sound, still incorporates some of the best of what their newer material has showcased (bsides like Day & Night, Oh Yes I Am, and Universe come to mind).

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    • I hope that LOONA will find their signature sound and image, something close to Butterfly/Favorite would be the closest. In their OT12 b-sides, I find their signature to be close to a subtle house/dance-pop – not that overused and overproduced K-pop hip-hop electronic sound, or an ITZY sound.

      Their concept with the LOONAverse and their message of having all of us as LOONA around the world is great considering, we are all part of it. I wish this concept will be further expanded and utilized well in the next songs, MV’s, promotions, etc.

      I also wish in the next comebacks, there are songs featuring shuffles of members so that they can showcase their vocals more. Solo songs should be a must as well, like that pre-debut project that they had – even without an MV that would be fine.

      I also hope they can promote back their sub-units (1/4, OEC, yyxy) as well… I hope they can follow how well SM promoted their NCT U, NCT Dream, NCT 127, and WayV. It would be a dream to have equal promotions between sub-units and full group promotions within a year.

      If I have to decide, I wish they would have these projects every year:
      – 1 cb for 1/4 (with Yeojin)
      – 1 cb for OEC
      – 1 cb for yyxy
      – 1-3 shuffle sub-unit songs (for project/commercial promotions)
      – opportunities for other members to pursue other careers such as MCs, OSTs, official solo MVs and stages, radio DJ’s etc.
      – 1 group cb (1 kr, 1 jp, 1 eng)
      – 1 world tour (after every group cb – maybe 1/2 years apart)
      – 1 kr or jp tour (every year)

      I think that would give them enough promotions and exposure every year (if they allot their budget well)

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  5. My bias group is EXO! Visually, I’m a sucker for those casual, simple concepts, nothing extravagant. I love seeing idols look like normal people, imperfections and all.

    Musically, I’m a fan of SM producers Adrian McKinnon, Thomas Troelsen, and of course the unbeatable Kenzie. I would love to see them make a song like “I Can’t Stand The Rain” because you can never go wrong with powerful, rhythmic percussion! Completed with an icy, yet dramatic bridge (recently, I’ve been addicted to the bridge of NCT U’s “Universe”) and EXO’s unparalled vocals that elevate any song.

    But disclaimer!! No shouting and bellowing—and any mention of “skrrt skrrt” is prohibited.

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  6. I’m picking Seventeen! (mainly because their comeback is near, and to be honest, I’m not quite a fan of the dark aesthetics in their teasers so far, lol.)

    I’d like them to go back to the concepts that have a brighter color palette. I want the title track be an upbeat-and-emotionally-impactful song. I don’t know how to call them, but let’s name that ‘heaven-pop’ (Songs like Woozi’s ‘Simple’ or WJSN’s ‘Dreams Come True’. I know they both don’t really sound similar, but I hope you get it, lol)

    The album could have songs like the ones in Heng:garae (minus Left & RIght and Fearless), maybe sprinkle in some rock or band songs like Imperfect Love.

    The group constantly has Woozi, Bumzu and a few other notable producers in every release so it’s best to leave the production team the way it is.


  7. We’ve seen some idols get on the Olivia Rodrigo pop/rock/punk train (e.g., Yena, (G)I-DLE), but I think this is a good plan of attack for VIVIZ. Perhaps something with a bit more polish, like SNSD’s Way to Go or Flyers.

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  8. BTS

    I really want Hwang Hyun with them with super melodic and propulsive songs. I badly want to know how ONF’s production would sound with BTS with their lush layered vocals, and mighty synth strings.


    The treasure series again please with cathartic choruses like the one in Treasure and more impactful rapping. I want them to reduce reliance on Jongho and vary their diverse vocal tones.


    Songs like Fairy of Shampoo please. No one does stuff like that in kpop. Dreamy, hazy and lost, those songs sound so cool. Ghosting is a similar track with that wistful and slight instrumental.

    Also, Nick, when are we getting a SHINee A-Z??


  9. Dreamcatcher is my ultimate bias group (and tbh the only one I have atm who aren’t disbanded/on hiatus). They just had an incredibly successful comeback that was most everything I wanted (and two wins to boot) so I feel weird about even talking about a next comeback, especially given that they cut their promotions short this time.

    That said: My plan is extremely simple. Synthwave + more guitars. Keep the post-apocalyptic imagery going. I’m really more all about the music anyway.

    1) They’ve been going more and more sci-fi/cyberpunk lately with their themes, so this is the next logical step.

    2) Starlight is an absolute banger and I’ve grown to love it more and more with each listen. They knocked that one out of the park, but I think there’s still a lot more they can do with the sound. I do hope they know that Starlight is so popular with fans and we’d happily welcome another, more title-track-oriented take on the same sound.

    3) Synthwave and metal scenes are extremely interconnected. Artists like Perturbator, GosT, Dan Terminus, Carpenter Brut are pretty popular with metalheads like me.
    Examples of metal-adjacent synthwave stuff I dig:

    4) The synthwave trend may be ebbing a bit, but you know what a) Dreamcatcher rarely bother with trends 2) The Weeknd is still waving the flag (Dawn FM is incredible), so there’s hope yet.

    You know what, this is probably more a prediction than anything. I mean ok somewhat wishful thinking. But imagine. If Dreamcatcher do the synthwave-meets-metal thing next comeback I will probably evaporate out of happiness.

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  10. If we are picking ultimate Bias, mine will always be Brown Eyed Girls who I would love to see do another comeback –
    I’m happy to see that their producer Lee Min Su is getting to flex his weird muscles again with Billlie but I would love to see BEG team up with him again to do a kind of throwback Kill Bill esque track with full orchestral backing like they would sometimes do. Conceptually what I love about them is they can kind of pull of anything…but I would love to see them doing a song tackling the current hot topic in Korea of feminism given that pushing boundaries has always been their thing (especially given that two of their most recent public song appearances have been a song about drag queens and an SNL skit song about how much plastic surgery they’ve gotten)

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    • BEG? Yes, please! If you would be so kind, provide me with a link to the GoFundMe page that will make this happen. Now I just need to sell all my worldly possessions so I can contribute my share.

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  11. now that chen is back from enlistment (meaning more vocal backbone), i’m hoping exo can go back to having songs ala love me right with a great high notes and pulsing beats to stand out from the regular nct / sm-isms (chanting chorus with great bridge within a noise instrumental). i would also love to see the x-exo / exo concept come back because i loved the clone concept and thought it to be incredibly well done + too good to put down after one comeback.

    i’m not really sure what to expect from the got7 comeback supposedly happening at the end of this month. i’m suspecting jb will be producing and writing, but i tend to skew toward yugyeom’s past productions (usually bsides) for the group since i think he knows how to play towards the group’s individual strengths better. whatever the input is, i love them and will take anything that i can get at this point.

    with aespa, i really want to see them do something more light hearted and less serious for their next comeback. something like yeppi yeppi as the title track + packaged with a full album.

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  12. since others have already covered exo, loona and other groups i enjoy (and i agree with their opinions!) i’ll go with my two other favourite groups: twice and dreamcatcher. i’ll preface by saying i absolutely love both groups’ music so i’m definitely biased, i still love scientist and maison, FOL and A:SU are still heavily in my daily playlist rotation.

    for twice, i’d honestly love to see them go back to their old roots, i’m an absolute sucker for their infectious pop hits from debut such as LOA, cheer up, likey, signal, etc. until their sound matured during fancy. i love their post fancy work but i would love to see BEP produce for them again and for them to put out another likey, but this time within their vocal range. actually if they could give twice something like stayc’s so bad i’d be happy honestly i’m also a sucker for d&b tracks like that.

    for dreamcatcher, something reminiscent of fly high and what, two of which i consider their most underrated and underappreciated tracks. unpopular opinion for sure but i adore the instrumental in what, despite it having an “annoying” chorus to some with the repeated shouting of “what”.
    and well, for fly high, i don’t know what else to say besides that i love everything about it? the songs arrangement is.. soaring? which is fitting honestly. i’m bad with my words but it just feels super dynamic. if they can somehow do a mishmash of those two songs it would be simply amazing, something only dreamcatcher can pull off.
    or well, they could put out another banger like scream, or deja vu. those two are still my favourite titles from them to date. hm, hopefully one day we’ll get a dreamcatcher repack album.

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      • agreed, it’s one of my favourite kpop songs of all time.

        i think it wasn’t as “well received” in the fandom because it wasn’t as “metal/rock” as chase me and goodnight, so fans of those previous styles might have felt that it was “underwhelming”. i certainly don’t agree with that, if anything it launched dreamcatcher’s discography into the stratosphere for me because it showed their versatility and ability to blend different styles and genres of music while retaining their signature style. here’s to hoping they do synthwave-meets-metal for their next comeback!

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  13. Most groups I prefer to be surprised. With Oh My Girl, though, I’d really like to hear them return to something quirky or ethereal, with an anthemic chorus. They basically released only title tracks I liked until Banana Allergy Monkey, and after that none of them struck me as particularly incredible. I’d probably bring back Sean Alexander for the task?

    Conceptually it doesn’t really matter to me—something where they can feel comfortable not being super skinny I guess, with more layered outfits. They don’t need to all be dressed in the same color.

    Maybe a playful MV with group shenanigans (like Red Velvet’s Russian Roulette) over model-esque solo shots. I know that’s hard during COVID though.

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  14. I think I’d go with another band album from Wonder Girls, more self-written songs and collabs with Frants just like Reboot. Another 80s album but something with a bit more edge – an album of songs with the same vibe as One Black Night or this version of I Feel You they performed in 2015.

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  15. I’ve always wanted to hear Forestella cover 60’s like the 5th Dimension such as their Up Up and Away or Aquarius / Let the sunshine in.

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  16. since no ones done this for tbz yet…….

    let me just start off by saying that i will NEVER forgive ist for not making clover/prism/l.o.u title tracks…like those songs all have very different moods but theyre perfect fits for the groups “little bit of everything” concept

    and if we put all those songs in a blender ud end up with an absolute knockout comeback…..but as far as other little details id want the groups (INCREDIBLY underappreciated) vocal line to have more of a role in the song. and ESPECIALLY my mans choi chanhee like i want him to absolutely let it rip on those power notes……

    and as far as the visual concept i really want them to either
    1. do something in the style of their “be your own king” short film
    2. do this kind of darker cyber concept (like something vixx would do back in the day)


  17. Obviously PIXY.

    If I’m being honest, I’d love to see PIXY doing something like Infinite’s The Chaser. They’ve got the voices and rappers in their group to do something akin to it. It wouldn’t be incongruent with their discography either. Maybe the concept would lean fantasy in style. Lore-wise I have no idea where it’s headed, but I’m sure it’ll be good.

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  18. i have barely anything to add to this conversation since i’m all out of ideas, so i’m just gonna say that there should be a girl group that takes the retro trend to the absolute next level, something like morning musume back in the 90s

    maybe it could go to fromis_9 since they’ve been dabbling in the retro concept recently, or stayc, or kep1er

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  19. Disclaimer: I’m not picking my favorite K-Pop group because I don’t have one; mostly. Also, I’m not suggesting a direct copy of the song I mention, but rather something very close musically and sung similarly.

    Group: Dreamcatcher
    Song: Heart “Barracuda”

    Music Video:
    Setting: 80s Summer Camp (think “Friday the 13th”)
    Plot: The DC girls are chasing down various males through cabins and wooded areas. The males fleeing and terrified. DC is emotionless, but stern. The males may be existing male K-Pop artists, or complete unknowns. The video is filmed with a grainy VHS effect, but not to the point where you lose too much detail. At the end, each of the DC members corners a male. The perspective then shifts each of the males staring at each DC member as they reach a hand down towards their face. The final shot is of JiU placing a sticker on a male’s forehead that reads, “Pleasant Dreams”.

    Reference #1: Heart “Barracuda”:


    P.S. …or TWICE doing a direct cover of The Go-Go’s “Our Lips Are Sealed”; because.. ..REASONS!

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  20. Okay since my ults have been done already, I’ll do NCT127.

    Personally if we’re going for stuff that I would like that has no chance of happening (since I predict more Stickers happening which I would love cause I love Sticker) I would like them to do a straight up Miami Bass concept. Birthday Party and Saturday Drip had elements of the genre and Misfits showed they could do 80s retro rock rock well so its not like they cant. I want car shaking bass, TR-808 drums, call and response lines, absolutely filthy lyrics (they’ve done it before they can do it again) and altogether a slimy party vibe if that makes sense. It’d kill if they had something like this.

    And for the girls I’d like StayC and Ive to do a 50s/60s doo wop but like different eras I guess. I see Stayc doing the stereotypical 50s concept and killing it, like an updated Shy Boy by Secret thing but why do I see IVE with a slightly darker more Shangri Las vibe. I think this song would fit them for one and I don’t know why.


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  21. Saw you tweet Go_A’s new song. Nick, welcome to the discography of Ukraine’s best active singer. She is a bit of an icon for merging Ukraine’s folk sound with electronic elements.

    Just some other favorite of mine from her.

    Also, Ukraine’s Eurovision track this year (the second and official one, the first one was removed after a controversy) is fantastic, with some clever hip-hop and traditional elements.


  22. Well, I am a Cassie, and I love TVXQ. I’d love a TVXQ + Junsu/Jaejoong reunion for a full-length album. Maybe tackle YYJ and HUB on the behind-the-scenes, leading with a ballad with some SMP b-sides.

    More realistically for a new comeback, I’d pick a TXT comeback. They continue down their pop and punk sound, perhaps more emotional and aggressive (Think Tatu’s All the Things She Said), with some additional self-production by the members. A man can hope!

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  23. I got one in mind for a soloist but since we’re talking about groups, I’ll go ahead and pick… Pentagon!

    Now, I don’t listen to a LOT of artists outside of K-pop. But the one thing that I really enjoy are musicals. Granted, I don’t know a lot but I’m always so fascinated and amazed at the production of Broadway musicals. Vocal harmonies? Check. Using bands? Check. (Sometimes) Allusion and foreshading by using a specific melody or certain lines? Check, check, check!

    We’ve heard BTOB do a ‘The Greatest Showman’-inspired song for Kingdom with ‘Finale (Show)’. We’ve heard a boy group who goes by T-BIRD actually did a musical theatre concept with their debut. And… that’s about it…

    Anyways I need an excuse for groups to take advantage of their numbers and use them in fun ways for vocal layering like these. With Pentagon who has both ends of the vocal spectrum, I bet they can show off so much like this:

    Or if idols are afraid of not being able to have rappers and hip-hop influences, Lin-Manuel Miranda writing political disputes with rap made that possible:


  24. I’d pick Oh My Girl and get them to return to their older sound. Maybe I’d pick Hwang Hyun, Monotree to produce for them?

    Sorry, I kind of just woke up.


  25. A bit off-topic, but I’d like to have a group with 3-5 members who can really pull off the stage like how the 2nd gen does. lots and lots of stage presence that even without hard choreography; they can get you fired up with their music and delivery. the way mamamoo performs where you can see them enjoy performing, hyping up the crowd, and the hand gestures are not really choreographed but are natural. you see, other groups have even some hair flips, hand swings and other movements really choreographed down to a T. like every performance, every music show, it is always the same. I want a group who are natural on stage. who can look good and alive on stage without a choreography. a vocally-focused group. like how mamamoo is in the early years of their career. they may still have killer choreographies though from time to time. as for the concept and genre, I’d go with anything as long as I have that kind of group.


  26. my bias group would be my #1 all-time favorite female kpop group, Girls’ Generation….the comeback would be with all 8 members (9, with Jessica, if they really want to bless Sone’s for the ridiculously long hiatus we’ve had to endure for 5 years, and counting)….

    the concept would be ‘bad azz,’ going straight for the jugular, laying our azzes out, hypnotizing us, and making us remember why they were once the biggest girl group not only in Korea but in the world!….of course we would need to get some of the fun, cutesie, mature material as well….

    i am not picky on any specific SM producers….i’d just say the ones that produced some of their top hits….

    i would like to see GG – since i feel this may be their last hoorah, or that we will be waiting another long string of years for the next comeback after this one, if they even give us a comeback – make an iconic comeback, and for making loyal fans and stans wait for so long, they should give us a full album, with no less than 4 songs released from that album, equipped with promotions, dance practices, music show appearances, and more….

    they should promote the album on music shows, their own channel on SM Entertainment, and with a sizable concert tour in as many cities as possible….then, by the end of this year, they should take the last couple of months off to really think about pouring back into the group that made them all famous or just call it quits and go their separate ways….

    t gumbo

    one of my favorite GG cuts….


  27. My overall bias group is T-ARA, and I would love for them to have a Sweetune-produced song, since they’re probably my favorite producers in kpop. Specifically I’d want it to be like the kind of stuff Sweetune produced for Snuper, I feel like a song like YOU=HEAVEN or Platonic Love would be incredible coming from them, or possibly something like Not Today by 100% (by the way – slightly unrelated but did you hear about how 100% are planning on redebuting as FAVE1 in Japan soon? I’m so excited for it!). It’d be incredible to hear them doing 80s inspired synthpop.

    Of newer groups though, I like Billlie a lot, and this is kind of random, but I feel like it’d be cool to see them on a track with a drill-inspired instrumental. They already have done the bass house type sound a few times before (on flipp!ng a coin and gingamingayo) and it’s worked well for them, so I feel like drill would also kind of fit them. For the instrumentals I’d like something like the Young Chop produced tracks on Chief Keef’s first album, but with more typical pop song structuring. Idk maybe I just think it’d be cool cuz I’ve been really into that album recently, but I’d love to hear an instrumental like the one on I Don’t Like in kpop.

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  28. My overall bias group is SNSD and this would be interesting to discuss as we wait for their long-awaited comeback!!

    SNSD has always pursued more of a younger style in my opinion, they rarely go full-on girl crush which is what I love about them. If I could decide everything, I would definitely want a concept similar to Stayc’s Young Luv!! A pop rock kind of song that is not too dark but not too bright!! A song that showcases the members vocals, raise the bpm and create a faster tempo and we have the perfect song!!

    Since this comeback has got to make a good impression to newer fans, I would pitch a production cast that consists of the Tiffany Young herself as well as DJ Hyo together with Kenzie and Nicole Kohen even. Would also appreciate if lyrics were written by the members themselves because more than half of them are skilled writers!! In terms of choreography, I’d choose maybe Leejung or Nain because I believe they can bring out a cool Gen Z style that benefits the members!! AND!! I’d hire the great Irene Kim and Sooyoung to conduct styling because the stylists sucks so we’d have to hire the best for the best!!


  29. Hmm I’ve got a lot of fave groups so I’m going to pick one that hasn’t been mentioned so far and for whom I have ideas.

    Oneus : Ny fave songs fron them has always been To Be or Not To Be and Valkyrie. So I would love to see them execute a song like that again. It’s dark but vocal and music rich and the whole song thrives on atmosphere and ambience as much as it does on the song.

    A song like this by Oneus would be something I would like to see someday :

    BTOB : Insane has to be one of my all time favorite kpop songs! Honestly that song feels more like a Japanese song than a Korean song for me at this point! Every single part of that song is rousing and I really wish BTOB comes out with something like that again! I’m pretty sure that kind of song is not what’s gonna be noticed in this gen but it has the sort of eternal vibe that can feel good every single time you listen to it.

    I can only imagine BTOB pulling off styles like this in kpop lol:

    Also DC has already been mentioned a lot here and I love all the ideas. I feel they’re one of the best groups for a hard hitting sound… and I’m imagining something like this :


  30. I’m gonna do Lovelyz (yes, I’m pretending they haven’t disbanded)

    I wish for something like a magical/creepy concept; a cross between Wjsn and Dreamcatcher. However, I would want to them expand on ‘Dream in a dream,’ though it’s hard to beat the song.

    Sound references:

    Also, off topic, but I would love to hear something like Daydream again, the faster the drums are, the more I like it!!!


  31. Now that it’s been confirmed by the YG staff themselves that BLACKPINK are gearing up for a comeback, I really am rooting for something new, something fresh, something with some substance and not the ‘tried-and-true’ hybrid pop trap formula that’s got the producers over at the BLACKLABEL studio in a chokehold.

    I’m thinking something R&B or soul. It’s clear these girls have the chops to pull off an R&B or soul thing (refer to Hope Not).

    I’m thinking of very popular 90s / 2000s R&B producers like Timbaland, Danja, Jermaine Dupri or Pharell. I’m thinking Shake It Off by Mariah, Perfect Lover and Why Should I Be Sad by Britney, Hot Like Fire by Aaliyah.

    For the concept, just trashy, club-ready, mid-2000s, just party animal. Think Ke$ha or Britney.

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  32. I think I would tackle DKZ, even if its not my bias group. I love their sound as Dongkiz where their signature sound and image is just pure fun and energy with that brass sound is unique from most light-concept boy groups.

    I just don’t see their new group name and sound as inviting as their previous material. I hope they go back with it.


  33. I am a little late to the train but for me it’s Wonho. I love his voice in Find You and would love for him to sing something like this. I don’t enjoy his recent release, the RnB vibes and that breathy way his sings now is not me me. If he sings like he did in Find You, I would be glad.

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  34. I want OnlyOneOf to get Love back, leave 8D creative, and truly build on the gorgeous promise of Instinct Pt. 1.


  35. WJSN:
    I’d honestly like for them to come back with something similar to one of their b-sides, “I-Yah.” so basically their dreamy cosmic concept, but a bit more upbeat and with more synth + majestic vibes.

    Things they definitely should not do:
    – Keep trying to recreate Bboom Bboom
    – Include an instrumental sample after each chorus
    Fortunately, they seem to have stopped doing both after “Ready or Not.” In my opinion, they should opt for something similar to Wrap Me in Plastic, but more unique and less mediocre/generic, and without the creepy lyrics. I think something similar to “Maniac” by Stray Kids could also work if they turned it into less of a badass hardcore concept (or whatever it’s supposed to be) and made it more upbeat, cute, and catchy.

    I don’t know what direction their music seems to be going since GingaMingaYo is very different from their debut, but I honestly hope their next comeback is a bit more subdued, maybe like one of Loona’s debut songs such as “Egoist,” “Eclipse,” or “Heart Attack.”

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    • …”WJSN: I’d honestly like for them to come back with something similar to one of their B-sides, “I-Yah.””…

      Oh, hell yes! “WJ Please?” is one of their best mini-albums. While “Save Me, Save You” was the title track, B-sides “I-Yah” and “You, you, you” became two of my favorite songs from WJSN. Honestly, all six songs on this release are worth listening to.

      Reference: WJSN “You, you, you”
      Ref (W:Y):

      I also agree with your statements on Momoland.


  36. I will just say I want to see Purple Kiss with a Sweetune song like KARA’s Pandora
    Or maybe something like f(x)’s Dracula


  37. Red Velvet is my bias group. and I’d either want to see:

    – Mini album that is R&B themed with The Stereotypes handling production for all the songs. I’d love for something like So Good or Taste from Really Bad Boy to be the title track.
    – Full length album that is Pop themed full of bright songs. I’m envisioning an expansion of their Summer Magic project with a song like Blue Lemonade as the title track, and videos/visuals filled with all of the quirkyness we know and love about Red Velvet. I’d want Kenzie and the European producers they work with to handle the album.

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