Song Review: GOT7 – NANANA

GOT7 - NANANAIt’s always gratifying to watch a group defy the odds. After exiting JYP Entertainment and embarking on solo projects, it would have been easy for GOT7 to dangle an unfulfilled promise of reunion before slowly fading into fans’ memories. Instead, the guys have joined forces for a new comeback just a year and a half after their last album. Never mind the fact they’re all signed to different agencies. They made it work.

I only wish GOT7 had returned with a song as momentous as the occasion. Instead, NANANA takes a more subdued route, offering a vibe rather than a knockout punch. Once expectations are adjusted, this track can be compared to similar efforts in their discography. With that in mind, it actually feels more like a song one of the members might release on their own. Its languid pace and straightforward beat seem perfectly suited to a soloist. It’s only when the guys join together for a chanted hook that we have the sense of a real group comeback.

A song like NANANA lives or dies on its groove, and groove can be a funny thing. What makes my shoulders move won’t necessarily be the same for anyone else, and the differences can be subtle. I’ve been listening to a lot of 90’s R&B and hip-hop lately, and it’s amazing how slight variations in rhythm can make all the difference. For instance, put something like this on and my head can’t help but nod along. When it comes to NANANA, the drum machines are expertly programmed but that head-nodding reflex just doesn’t come. Instead, the production feels weighed down – trudging rather than vibing. But, that’s all highly subjective. Whatever the song makes your shoulders do, it’s nice to see GOT7 back in action. I hope this won’t just be a one-off treat.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25


14 thoughts on “Song Review: GOT7 – NANANA

  1. Well, it’s just an okay R&B track. The song doesn’t offer anything new, but I find it quite catchy. Thanks God GOT7 are not shouting and posturing over clanging beats and TV noise here, like so many of their peers do this year! 7.75 for me.


  2. it’s fun (especially bc they’re not boom baam pam pam vrooming at me) but also the whole album is lowkey better than the title and worth checking out. still think they should let jinyoung write them a title.

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    • Yeah I listened to the rest of the album and I am so confused why they chose NANANA as the title track. I feel like they could have had an awesome MV for and done some epic choreography for “Don’t Care About Me.”


  3. i will refrain from pouring out my thoughts here as a long time fan. it made me emotional this morning to hear them altogether on a song again and see them have fun! nanana is a nice vibe for the summer, and stands out from the bg music that’s come out this year. while there are better songs on the album (drive me to the moon, truth, and don’t care about me are my standouts), this is the song that they’ve always wanted to make and release and that’s enough for me as a fan who wants nothing more than the best for them.

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  4. Can see taste is lacking in the readers posting here. But this is their vibe so if it is not for you it won’t be great doesn’t mean it isn’t. The album has tracks that are better than the title (eg. Don’t care about me)


  5. If I was a fan, I would be crying on the floor. Seeing Got7 reunited when they all have different solo schedules is something really special.
    But alas, I’m not a fan. I’m basically echoing the majority here: boring song.


  6. truth be told this sort of song is boring to me BUT i can see myself vibing to this for the summer eventually. i’m just glad they’re back and taking control of their name and music. i hope more groups can do this in the future!
    i’m a much bigger fan of the other tracks though, drive me to the moon and don’t care about me are my faves so far. 🙂


  7. im an ahgase so im just happy that got7 really did make good of their promise and had a comeback. im also a big enjoyer of chill songs so i do like the vibe of nanana. that being said, i think there were much better songs on the album that would’ve made for a better promotion.

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  8. This song was basically released for the fans, not to actually get attention from non-fans, but if you were hooked, good for you. The vibe is easy, relaxed and just chilling because they are giving off the vibe of being happy together, just being chill in their own made “HOME” for them and their fandom, which was referenced a lot in the MV (birds). The transition of the bridge to a sudden darker mood means the time they were not together and also not being able to meet fans. And then it goes back to being bright and colorful means they are back together now for their fans. So basically if you just dig a little deep into the meaning of the song and mv and their comeback concept, you will understand why the musicality on this song is not as impactful as most of their title tracks or songs on the album. I personally like Drive Me to the Moon, the other upbeat song on the EP and also Don’t Care About Me because of the rhythm and melody, but I like Truth, Two and Leave me alone because they sounded more like GOT7.


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