Song Review: Victon – Stupid O’Clock

Victon - Stupid O'ClockBack in January, Victon impressed with the brisk, powerful Chronograph. It still stands as one of the more memorable boy group comebacks of the year, forgoing many of 2022’s musical trends for a classic, propulsive K-pop sound. Four months later, the guys are back with (the stupidly-titled) Stupid O’Clock.

With a title like that, you’d think Stupid O’Clock would be stuffed with personality and unique character! Instead, the track gives Victon a sultry funk pop makeover. Its bass-heavy arrangement echoes many boy group tracks of the past year, down to the minimalist, atmospheric hook. I prefer this sound to the dark, shouty style we’re hearing so often, but it’s hardly compelling. In fact, Stupid O’Clock’s biggest sin is that it’s kind of… boring.

If you’re going to opt for such a subdued groove, you must make sure your hooks are rock solid. From this perspective, Stupid O’Clock never lands any sucker punches. Yes, there’s that catchy, warped vocal hook at its core, but beyond that the song just circles itself with unassuming melody lines. The beat ebbs and flows, attempting to give these meager refrains some drive. However, Stupid O’Clock is much more “whimper” than “bang.” Nothing here is objectively bad, and the track is well-written and performed. Do Hanse’s always-engaging rap sticks out in a good way, but at this point it takes a lot more to stand out in K-pop. Stupid O’Clock would make a fine addition to any groove-driven playlist. It just doesn’t stick out as its own highlight.

Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


9 thoughts on “Song Review: Victon – Stupid O’Clock

  1. Nice track. It’s not that kind of thing I’m impressed about, but I love its dark atmosphere. The chorus could be more interesting, though. Btw, there’s something very American Top 40 about the way this song sounds, in my opinion (maybe the hook made me think so).
    8/10 for me.

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  2. Many years ago I bought a Level 42 CD with some birthday money, which I instantly regretted because the whole album was mid-tempo middle of the road. Neither here nor there. Sometimes you want music to chill to, and sometime you want music that grabs you and forces you to listen. This song is fine, as is the album, but this week I crave the latter.


  3. Listening to this for the first time, I was instantly reminded of Pentagon’s last title track though I like this one more. Doesn’t feel as empty and soulless as ‘Feelin’ Like’. It’s true, however, that this doesn’t stand out in the sea of middle-of-the-road boy groups. This could have been given to SF9 or AB6IX and nobody would have gasped of surprise… The songs, the concepts… it’s all so samey and it’s a bit sad that in the oversaturated K-pop market the companies’ strategy of survival is to follow suit instead of offering something fresh.


      • What I Said, Chronograph, Unpredictable have great Do Hanse wraith raps. Also his solo Take Over is pure, delightful ghost muttering. One of my favorite rappers.

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  4. In an interview with Weverse magazine, Seungsik said they wanted to show beauty in moderation, and Sejun said they wanted to create the feeling of restraint in the chorus. Re-watching the video made me appreciate their artistic vision because they did accomplish what they wanted to. There is a feeling of restraint, there is moderation, and then the bonus of figuring out the timeline/story and how it follows Chronograph intrigues me. This song is part 2 in their Time trilogy, Chronograph being part 1.

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