Song Review: Son Dongwoon (Highlight) – Today’s Weather

Son Dongwoon - Today's WeatherI have a fear that many of K-pop’s 2022 summer offerings will opt for a subdued city pop sound. It probably won’t be proven true, but the industry does love a gentle coffeehouse vibe. Highlight’s Son Dongwoon has returned with his own summer track, and it falls closely along these lines. Today’s Weather (우리 날씨 맑음) may not be city pop, but its soft, hazy production is certainly familiar.

Speaking of “today’s weather,” it’s finally sunny here in the good ol’ pacific northwest. So far, this spring has been historically cold and rainy. Just this weekend, we got a month’s worth of rain in one day! I’m ready to kick summer into gear. Tank tops and sunscreen, people! Today’s Weather won’t have me rushing for the sunglasses, but it may just see me donning my sandals and reclining.

This is a pleasant listen. It doesn’t move past its pleasantries, but the smooth R&B beat goes down easy. Dongwoon has a strong vocal and he puts his heart into the track. As a co-composer, his connection with the material feels natural. However, this style of music is rarely for me. If a song chooses to be this leisurely in pace and arrangement, I tend to search for a standout melody or hook – something to circle back to as the track tiptoes along. Today’s Weather is reasonably catchy, but nothing really sticks out. It’s like a slightly overcast day, where you sink into your chair with a good book and eventually settle into a comfortable cat nap.

Hooks 7
 Production 7
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25


7 thoughts on “Song Review: Son Dongwoon (Highlight) – Today’s Weather

  1. Mid-80’s F for my part of the world, that is about 28-29C. It was a gorgeous day yesterday for our backyard Queen’s Jubilee party. I even made The Official Trifle for the event.

    We also re-watched the Jubilee fly-past again again on a youtuber’s feed. It was gorgeous weather in London for it. Sonny boy is all about the planes. The Battle of Britain Memorial flight gets me every time. The roar of the old engines. We saw that particular Lancaster in a giant hanger at an air museum in East Keel on a trip through Lincolnshire a few years ago to visit Gramps and Nana. On the drive there, we got to watch the Red Arrows practicing loop-de-loops over the fields. And as a bonus, at RAF Coningsby, about two dozen Typhoons were lined up on the tarmac, just sitting there, two billion pounds sterling of planes.



  2. unrelated but remember road boyz? their music has pretty much been wiped off the face of the earth recently, as all their mvs have been deleted from youtube and their songs are gone from streaming services

    like i was gonna listen to show me bang bang but its no longer available so im sad 😦


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