Song Review: DRIPPIN – Zero

DRIPPIN - ZeroLike most new K-pop groups, DRIPPIN debuted without a signature sound or concept. Their career has been a revolving door of styles as Woollim searches for the one that will stick. The group is now lodged in a multi-part series of albums under the title Villain. Like 99% of their peers, this has painted them in an edgier light. But, January’s title track was pretty strong and new single Zero enlists the ever-reliable Newtype production team.

So many K-pop tracks of 2022 have carried a big rock influence, but Zero may just be the ballsiest example. Its distorted guitar is a near-constant presence, fueling the track with mighty texture. And, Zero doesn’t skimp on the details. It feels like a whole meal of a song, moving through a hearty two-part chorus, a standout bridge and spiky rap verses. This isn’t the style I would have envisioned for DRIPPIN, but they pull it off with flair.

From the outset, Zero feels as if it’s going to fall in line with the majority of 2022 boy group tracks – all puffed-up chests and meaningless boasts. But after verse one, the song catapults into a standout pre-chorus where leader Yunseong does his best 90’s idol impression. His vocal is so clear here, bursting with the power that used to define idol groups like H.O.T and Shinhwa. From here, Zero moves into a strong chorus. Its first refrain uses text painting to create plenty of movement before transforming into a secondary hook that quickly becomes the song’s calling card. These elements forge together to create an exciting climax, as guitar shreds and the beat becomes fiercer. It’s a ton of big, bombastic fun and a welcome June surprise.

Hooks 9
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 8
 RATING 8.75


12 thoughts on “Song Review: DRIPPIN – Zero

  1. Oh, Nick. I do understand the reason why you feel biased towards this song so much. Yes, I do love the rock guitar here, too, but, unfortunately, these irritating trap beats ruined the entire atmosphere, and that’s a huge hurdle for me to give it a higher rating.😭
    Though after the second listen the track grew on me, I still believe it lacks a meatier hook which would make the song a standout.
    Maybe 8.25 for me (6,9,9,9).

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  2. I thought I wouldn’t like it but I really love it. Would be the same rating for me too, like you said, the secondary hook and the finale are so good. Big surprise for me today!


  3. The vocals sound really nice. Personally not as big of a fan as you are but it’s decent enough. Main culprit being the rap verses which were pretty weak here. 8/10 for me at the moment

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  4. It’s all execution and I can appreciate it. The energy and the vocal harmonies are top-notch. These kind of tracks tend to take awhile to grow on me cause there’s not much bounce to the groove. And even the harshest metal I listen to has some kinda rhythmic flow. But there’s enough in it that it might.


  5. OK, just because it is softer in the dark theme, doesn’t make it great. Good, or even Good+ perhaps, but not great. Maybe flat 8 to low 8’s for me.
    To me it sounds like they are trying to be clever by halves. It has the same exact framework, with all the shifts happening exactly where we have come to expect them. The main hook is the chorus we can go uuuupppppp we can go dowwnnnnnn. It is nice, refreshing perhaps, but cliche.


  6. Replace the noisy synths in your regular boy group song with gritty guitar and it suddenly sounds like a whole new song. 8.25 for me, I wanted the beat to have a little more groove to it, and I don’t know if that chorus is gonna age great.

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  7. I had hopes after I heard the teaser and I gotta say this song is pretty interesting!! That’s the first word that came to my mind! It’s very unpredictable – the pitch, the notes – but it all feels so consistent and well-connected. The parts were all unique – pre chorus, chorus, verse and I especially loved the transition to the bridge.

    I’m gonna coin the rock guitar instrumental love this year as the “Bobbin” effect lol. Blitzers Bobbin still remains my favorite in that category, but this month alone we had Trendz dabbling in it and now Drippin – and I’m not complaining! 😀

    I think this one could definitely be a grower by the end of the month!


  8. This sounded pretty generic to me. Seems like the company picked bits of different boy groups’ songs and merged them into one so it sounds very familiar. The start, verses and pre-chorus sounds exactly like another boy group song but I forgot their name. Disappointed that no boy group is trying to do their own thing and just going with the trend. Hope they don’t do this to Golden Child.

    I’ll rank it at 7

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  9. It’s like a weaker version of GHOST9’s first three songs and a slightly better version of the TRENDZ song. So yeah that’s pretty much what i can say. Seems like everyone is giving their ratings for me i give it a 7.25/7.5


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