Song Review: WJSN (Cosmic Girls) – Last Sequence

WJSN - Last SequenceAfter WJSN’s victorious Queendom result, the group has made a long-awaited comeback. It’s been over a year since they delivered the high-octane dance pop of Unnatural, but they haven’t missed a step. Last Sequence builds upon that sound in blazing fashion, proving you don’t have to shout and chant to elicit big K-pop energy.

WJSN are one of the few girl groups who have resisted the urge to bend toward industry trends. They’ve moved away from the cosmic sound and imagery that buoyed their strongest music, but their songs retain a vocal-driven approach that compliments their strengths. Last Sequence ties this to a propulsive dance beat. After a slow-build first verse, the track settles into a chugging groove that powers it to the end. Every element – from chorus to rap break – is tied directly to this instrumental, bolstering Last Sequence’s momentum. We even get a proper, vocal-led bridge.

I’ll forever be a stickler for melody, and Last Sequence‘s chorus succumbs to a personal pet peeve. For me, it’s the kind of centerpiece that feels more like a series of (admittedly great) vocal riffs than a concentrated, knock-your-socks-off hook. I’ve noticed this approach becoming more and more common in K-pop over the past few years, making songs feel more scattershot than they should. But, multiple listens have already drawn out Last Sequence’s strengths and I have a feeling it’s going to fare well in the long run. Here’s hoping WJSN can further leverage their success on Queendom to continue their run of excellent singles.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75


15 thoughts on “Song Review: WJSN (Cosmic Girls) – Last Sequence

  1. The comeback is great! Fits right in with Unnatural and also gives me a very Apink feel!
    The b-side Gone is also very up the dreamcatcher alley of edm and I won’t be surprised to see it as Buried Treasure in a few days.

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  2. Oh yes! WJSN have always been the queens of summer concept for me, and now they’re back with another refreshing bop! I love it a lot. In contrast, I find the chorus a little bit forgettable which means it’s gonna take more listens for me to remember it, and the big vocal hook would have made things even better. Nevertheless, the song is still enjoyable and I’ll be coming back to this pretty often. Rating is the same for me.

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  3. I feel like I listen to an IzOne track. That endless buildups chorus is what I despise yet love the most from track like this. It does the job, but for WJSN, I’m sure they can up the chorus game better. Straight 8.0

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  4. Already stuck in my head, glad to see WJSN back! I agree the chorus could be stronger but overall the whole song is a hit for me. Wish we got a mini at least – maybe we’ll get another comeback before the end of the year?

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  5. I quite like this. The chorus feels like apink’s dilemma but brighter. I was incredibly bitter at their queendom win, but this reminded me of why they’re needed in kpop right now .


  6. they can’t really go wrong in my book – it’s a great dance track that i wish could be a bit longer since it felt short length wise? but the energy they bring is great and the bridge gives it a nice push towards the end. done is quite refreshing as a bside as well – crossing my fingers for another mini / album before the year’s end.


  7. Honey we have a hot one! Or at least a very very good one. The mostly sung song is nice. I hear Apink in it, which is a good thing.

    Rating is perhaps a tad high, maybe low to mid 8 for me.


  8. I really liked this and thought the bridge was even better than the chorus. Sensual vocal driven dance tracks like this really suit WJSN’s members the best, and I can see them further maturing into that concept, like the Apink. They really are one of the few girl groups who have a large, but super solid discography.


  9. The post chorus was definitely much better than the pre chorus. I think that there is just something special about WJSN’s title tracks that make you love them. Can’t say the same for all sidetracks though


  10. This reminds me of walking into a store where I can’t afford anything. I can see the difference in quality – everything is sleek, polished, and well-designed. The air is lightly perfumed and the carpet plush. This song is playing.


  11. This song is rock solid. WJSN is that group. I don’t think any gg of this size has such consistent vocal quality. Like I agree about the chorus being fragmented, but their timbre and performance add nuance and interest to it, for me.

    With many repeated listens this week, I appreciate that the chorus maintains it s propulsive energy as the lines and melodies interchange from member to member. I find it gripping.

    There’s such much good here…and fun little details too. I really love the laughter spliced into the pre-chorus and the complexity of the chordal harmonies in the bridge. I hear the Izone resemblance but many have mentioned that WJSN has set the template for this elegant approach to bass-heavy dance-pop, to me the resemblance is inverse.

    I feel like WJSN is a group that has almost 4 acts now…debut, post-Yeonjung joining, post-Chinese members leaving, and now post-Queendom. I think many Ujungs have been worried due to inconsistent promotions and the debut of their omnipresent company juniors, IVE. but a release of this caliber and their consistent quality music (qc’d by the members themselves) seals the deal that WJSN will be around for a bit longer.


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