Song Review: VIVIZ – Loveade

Viviz - LoveadeAs a massive fan of K-pop’s summery tracks, I’ve been waiting for my song of summer to arrive. Usually, the month of June gives us one or two future classics, but we’ve yet to hear anything that competes with past years. So, when the highlight medley for VIVIZ’s new mini album dropped, my spirits instantly rose. A fully summer-themed project with a classic K-pop sound? Yes, please!

Loveade scratches my summer itch, but just barely. There’s a ton of squandered potential here, even if the general vibe is fun and fresh. In the song’s plus column is its bubbly instrumental, bounding along bright synths and an addictive groove. I love the percussion, which forgoes trendy hi-hats for a more dynamic set of textures.

But here’s the problem: Loveade never really does anything. From arrangement to vocal performance, the entire song is weirdly reserved. VIVIZ sound disinterested, but I think most of this is due to the post-production, which smooths out any character. The synths feel desperate to break into full-on Sistar Shake It bombast, but they’re never given a chance. Instead, Loveade bops along with an almost monotonous energy. It’s one of the strangest contrasts I’ve heard this year. All the ingredients are here for a knockout summer track. It’s as if the producers were intent on shaving off anything that might make the song memorable. Instead, we’ve got a decent melody and a strong (if sterilized) instrumental with nowhere to go. It feels like the shadow of a much more exciting single.

 Hooks 8
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 8

26 thoughts on “Song Review: VIVIZ – Loveade

  1. Loveade has some really nice sounds, but I do think the production could’ve been pushed more. I don’t even think the underlying melody needs to change too much since there is a bit of pull there, but the backbone instrumental is lacking or too unambitious.

    Obligatory Love Love Love as the “b-side that should have been the TT” though I’m sure someone will disagree. I think the melodies and hook on that song are way stronger, plus the pronounced bounce and beat just feels so much more exciting.

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  2. I agree – also the vocals are pitched so high there is no way I see them singing this live. The B-sides are better, especially Love Love Love which they sang at the showcase.

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  3. Also please cover H1-Key’s comeback – their B-side Heart Light might be THE song of the summer in my opinion. It scratches every possible summer itch.


    • Oh gosh! I can’t agree more, Heart Light was the standout track of their mini album for me…and is certainly my summer song for 2022. It’s been played a lot over the last 6 hours in my house…it’s addictive and just such a bop. I’ve gone through a cycle of knowing nothing about H1-KEY this morning, to seeing some tweets about them, to absolutely loving the group and their songs by this afternoon.


  4. reminds me of oh my girl’s bungee (especially with everyone singing in a high pitch) idk why but this is exactly what appeals to me as a k-pop listener

    at least an 8.75 rating from me and i can see the rating go higher once im familiar with the song


  5. I expected A LOT more from their first comeback. As Nick has said, Viviz sound completely disinterested and exhausted during the song. Rather than opt for a big, energetic arrangement, it focuses on its moody, subdued atmosphere. Low-8’s for me probably, though I don’t think I’ll be listening to this often, except for rainy/cloudy days.


  6. Idk maybe I just have different vocal taste but I quite love the sistar esque instrumentals with their airy vocal tone – I think it’s a nice middle ground of not super easy listening but also not a party anthem. Fills a niche that I enjoy listening to


  7. I actually Like this song, big L. Something about it, especially the chorus, reminds me a girl version of Astro Crazy Sexy Cool. Also that it is sung through with no distracting obligatory rap sections, and a sung bridge too. It seems like the ladies also like their own song, it suits them and isn’t put upon them. Maybe closer to mid’8 for me.

    Yes, high, like Banana Allergy Monkey high.

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  8. I certainly can understand the negative opinions on this song but I think it’s great!

    LOVEADE goes for lightweight, jittery, shimmering bop instead of summer anthem and I actually think the girls get away with it.

    The fact that the more grounded, robust b-sides on the album complement the song also helps enjoying it. Love Love Love & #Flashback are ace.

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  9. Definitely agree that it feels weirdly restrained, with something just feeling like its missing. But I may still enjoy the song for what it is, but its a different kind of summer vibe than I was hoping for.

    Excited to listen to the mini later, the highlight medley sounded pretty good!


  10. The song sounds monotonous to me. It didn’t convince me at first, it’s as if I was waiting for something to happen, but it never does. However, I like their proposal, maybe I will like “loveade” more after hearing it a few more times. I’m listening to their mini, some bsides stand out more than the title, as it happens with most of the releases nowadays.

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  11. I initially thought this song was a 9. Then I realized that the only reason I liked it so much was because the chorus had a melody, and it actually sounded like the rest of the song. My standards have been destroyed.


  12. I was expecting the song to build and was kinda disappointed that it didn’t. However, not all songs need to be big and I’m not gonna let my desire for a big summer anthem get in the way of my enjoyment of the track. I really like the melodies throughout and thought the rap was fun.

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    • Incredibly, this “monotonous” song feel more refreshing than your typical

      Chorus+ “Im the baddest” bi rap section+ dubstep/trap dance breakdown+ high note near the end

      Kpop song


  13. I think one of strong/weak point of Viviz is the straightforwardness. They never really had that twist and turn hooks/songs, which at times can be dull if the production doesn’t justify it. The problem here, the arrangement limits the song to give the chorus a climax it deserves by giving same key to the girls from beginning to end. It can be an okay song, but I don’t know why they produce it that way.


  14. Their voices are kinda shrill at points but the song is pretty cute. Not something I would listen to regularly.


  15. I feel like one problem I have other than the instrumental being unwilling to go ham is at times they’re just constantly singing in that really high register which can grate over period of time


  16. ahhhh I actually really like this. The restraint that some are faulting the song for, is appealing to me. So much I’ve listened to this song 4 times in a row a couple of times this past week. Maybe I’ve been itching for classic kpop melodicism, but this really scratches that itch for me. and I find the repeated “love it love it” quite catchy and not annoying.

    To me a track is kinda like an iced mint tea, it’s cool, refreshing and calms the stomach. it doesn’t make you pucker up sour-sweet like lemonade. But these days I find myself going for the iced tea over the sugary -ades.

    I understand the comments on the high pitch. I think one’s enjoyment of this song is dependent on how much someone enjoys the timbre of Eunha’s upper register. I think she’s one of k-pop’s best and I am very down for it.


  17. I’ve been trying to understand why this song hits the right spots but at the same time it doesn’t. I quite like the first part of the chorus and instrumental even though it could go a little harder, especially at the end. However, I think the verses and especially the overly long “i love it ice loveade” section end up killing the song’s momentum. It’s a weird song for me because its chorus is both the high point of the song and one of the low points. We’ll see how it ages, I guess.


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