Buried Treasure: ENHYPEN – Shout Out

ENHYPEN - Shout OutA K-pop act’s title track isn’t always the best song on their album, even if it’s the one most people will hear. Sometimes, b-sides deserve recognition too. In the singles-oriented world of K-pop, I want to spotlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

I know some of you have been wondering where my ENHYPEN buried treasure is – or if there would even be one. It’s been a busy couple of weeks for K-pop releases and ENHYPEN’s album initially fell through the cracks for me. But I can now say that, not only do I enjoy these songs a lot, but title track Future Perfect has managed to grown on me immensely. I’m as shocked as anyone!

ENHYPEN and mid-00’s emo rock meld particularly well. In fact, of all the genres HYBE puts their name to, their rock songs are often the strongest. Shout Out makes a nice sonic sequel to last year’s standout Attention, Please. The guys could record an entire album with this concept and sell the hell out of it. I wonder why we haven’t yet had a title track in this vein? (And no, Blessed-Cursed doesn’t quite count).

Anyway, Shout Out does exactly what its title promises. From its opening battle cry, the song delivers intensity and emotion. The instrumental is crunchy and stadium-ready, delivering big percussion and exciting guitar. We’re already chanting by the time we reach the pre-chorus, and this anthemic turn segues well into the boisterous hook. As the album’s longest track, Shout Out leaves plenty of room for build and payoff. Its climax ratchets the intensity up one step further with a bombastic sound that reminds me of early 5 Seconds Of Summer. HYBE artists don’t seem to be filming follow-up music videos as often as they used to, but I’d love to see this song promoted.

 Hooks 8
 Production 9
 Longevity 9
 Bias 9
 RATING 8.75


12 thoughts on “Buried Treasure: ENHYPEN – Shout Out

  1. My sister is an engene and made our dad listen to the album, and he made the exact same 5SOS comparison about this song lol

    Also, she’s been making me listen to Pass The Mic all week, and what initially was an “I Don’t Care” feeling is slowly growing into the “I Really Hate It” feeling.

    But, I like this one. Feels very “music I would like to hear on the radio during a long car ride”. Also, I feel like the vocal mixing is better here, but that might be me getting confused because it’s a song I find good. I don’t know how to tell their voices apart anyway.

    Something else I feel like talking about is that, man, this would’ve been a much better title track choice. After Tamed-Dashed, they really should’ve put out a title like this. Some stages like the ones for TXT’s Lovesong would be fun to watch.

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  2. I hear monthly project-era Day6 in it, “Dance Dance”-era.
    It’s alright, maybe high 7’s, especially because the awesome part is the band instrumental, and Enhypen is not playing any of those instruments, so other than the vocal layed over the top there is not much that makes this Enhypen.

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  3. day 6 of reviewing jpop songs until nick renews the 90s jpop roadmap (not like he’s even gonna do it 😡). the one im gonna review is

    gyakuten winner – johnny’s west

    i’m staring my extremely belated journey into the ace attorney franchise, and one of the things im doing is watching the anime adaptation of the games (along with watching cringeworthy vids). as soon as i heard those opening synths for the anime opening “gyakuten winner,” i was instantly floored. after hearing it was performed by johnny’s west (i thought it was kisumai when i heard it), i was even more impressed. i mean, johnny’s groups have already been doing openings for a while now, but still!

    anyway, onto the song itself. those opening synths along with those claps were an instant win for me. it gave off a sound that sounded ready for the stadium that usually feels different from the typical shonen anime opening. as we move forward, rhythmic guitar joins into the production before we get to a brief key change in the pre-chorus.

    then we hit the chorus, which is absolutely fantastic. all the elements that were present in the previous segments come full circle in this part, and a euphoric melody takes the spotlight. the members’ voices are layered to up this effect, and i freakin love it. even better is when the key changes in the finale, which gives off a huge burst energy and excitement in the climax. it probably won’t end up in my top 10 anime openings, nor do i need it to. i love it as it is, and that’s all

    hooks: 9
    production: 10
    longevity: 9
    bias: 9
    rating: 9.25

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    • LOVE Gyakuten Winner. You should check out their “Can’t Stop” for a similarly epic, synth-led chorus. Not a single, but worth checking out anyway. Johnny’s West is super underrated, imo.


  4. Damn, this song has to be promoted. It’s so perfect that it even deserves a music video. If HYBE doesn’t do it, I’m gonna sue them.
    Jokes aside, I still wonder why this wasn’t chosen as a title over that abomination called Future Perfect (Pass the MIC). Because Shout Out DOES sound like a title track. It has a great melody, and what is more, climax.
    9/10 for me.


  5. Personally, I think there’s no better ‘buried treasure’ this year – or single, for that matter – than Enhypen’s Polaroid Love. I just never get tired of hearing it.


  6. I’ve got a little running playlist of K-Pop songs that evoke strong One Direction imagery — this was the easiest add by FAR. Just some nice, straightforward boyband pop with real instruments. Made for me!

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