Song Review: Astro – U&Iverse

Astro - U&IverseWelcome to Astro’s U&Iverse! It’s exactly like our universe, except every word that’s meant to start with “U” actually starts with “U&I”! U&Inderstand?

To find out more about their U&Iverse, solve the questions in this Astro-themed crossword puzzle. Remember, every answer starts with “U&I,” but when transferring your answer to the crossword puzzle, leave out the “&” (ie: “U&Iverse” would be written as “UIverse”)

Have fun!

(and oh yeah, this is the latest Universe app song that goes absolutely nowhere. Free yourselves from the platform, Astro!!)

Astro's U&Iverse

(click for answer key)

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 7
 Bias 7
 RATING 7.25


10 thoughts on “Song Review: Astro – U&Iverse

  1. It’s kind of U&Inspired, which is sad because Astro are having a great year. I’m listening to Snu&iper right now. Did you know that in Star of Stars, they also sing about the U&Iverse? Eerie.
    Also, Great Gu&1ys pu&it ou&it a good song, Blind Love, which has a great video concept somebody with a bu&idget shou&ild explore fu&irther. “Great Gu&iys hide their identities as vampires and live as bodygu&iards to protect the girls they love.” They don’t seem to be so good at either, but I appreciate the effort.

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  2. Actually I don’t think it is that bad. It has a groove. It s a bit mellow versus regular Astro, but if it came around on my playlist, I wouldn’t skip. (which it won’t because I am not getting the app) Its better than almost all other Universe songs.

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  3. The only thing making me feel better about yet another Universe release plaguing us is that I really, really love the Xdinary Heroes album! Every song makes me happy—what a redemption arc from their debut!


  4. I think the prodU&Iction on this song was actU&Ially really pretty. If only the vocal melody wasn’t ripped straight from the boy group starter pack. It feels like 2 different songs almost.

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