Song Review: Kino (Pentagon) – Pose

Kino - Pose

With many writing credits to his name, Pentagon’s Kino has always been a prime candidate for solo work. He finally takes the reigns on special single Pose, though the shadow of K-pop’s established soloists looms large. As with many before him, Kino seems to have gotten his degree from the School of Taemin, unveiling a slinky, groove-driven dance track.

This style tends to be a good fit for male soloists, allowing them to deliver a sexier sound without pushing too far out of the box. Pose is a fine example of this sub-genre, though I wish it felt more daring. Kino deserves a sound all his own, rather than a familiar cosplay (as beguiling as it may be). Pose melds languid synths with a slow-burn beat that keeps things dynamic. I was expecting to hear one of those overused anti-drop hooks during the chorus, but the track centers Kino’s vocals at its core, harnessing a very Charlie Puth-esque melody as the rhythm settles into its groove.

Kino switches phrasing throughout the track, moving effortlessly between a laidback croon and harder-edged, rap-infused verses. His confidence sells Pose, as lightweight as the song may be. I’m especially drawn to the moments toward the finale where his voice gains power and steers Pose toward grander ambitions. But ultimately, this is a rather safe, unassuming debut. It’s a pleasant listen, but doesn’t deliver anything we can’t get in many other corners of the K-pop universe. I’ll be eager to see where Kino takes his music next.

 Hooks 7
 Production 8
 Longevity 8
 Bias 7


8 thoughts on “Song Review: Kino (Pentagon) – Pose

  1. Yep, this one plays things safe. The melody gave me strong Charlie Puth vibes, as well. Overall, standard American Top 40 fare. I’ve got nothing more to say, though I’d give it a little more, 7.75, by raising hooks to 8.

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  2. I enjoy this. This is from the Taemin/Wonho school of male soloist pop, which I generally do like enough. A bit more subdued than I’d have preferred (it’s usually the beefier tracks I like best), but still enjoyable enough. Mid-8s for me.

    On another note, Jinho did his own rendition. I love Jinho so much.

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  3. Awaiting at least another 3 Kpop songs in the next month entitled “Pose” or something similar. First Loona, now this one, which I find fairly good.


  4. I’m not mad at it. Myma said it best. It’s Wonho with a sprinkling of Taemin. Id probably like it a lot more if the latter made it tbh.


  5. Id probably give this an 8. Even though it does sound similar to Wonho and Taemin’s works that doesn’t mean its bad. Its nice, chill and definitely something I would put on my playlist.


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